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Colgate's Biography

Wemerson Oliveira, a.k.a Colgate, a VA coach, is known for conveying a rock star personality in-field but he also adds humor, energy, intrigue, and other characteristics that contribute to the vibe and energy of the club. He believes his students should always be the observed and not the observing and he teaches his students exactly how to accomplish this by using non verbal expressions of emotions and body language.

Along with being a VA Coach, Wemerson is a successful magician, author, and recording artist. He was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and moved to the United States at the age of five. He is working on a dual degree in Social Psychology with a concentration in sexual studies. He has conducted research for Rutgers University since 2009 on social facilitation and presence.

Studying under Mystery, Matador, and Discovery, Wemerson introduced himself into the seduction community at the age of 16. His passion with social psychology fueled his desire to "present his best self" and master the components of social dynamics and interactions. Noticing early on that he was slightly unique, it puzzled him why he couldn't establish any friends nor be liked by any girls. He became determined to reach mastery by learning and developing the skill set that enabled him to acquire a better selection of women in his life and also, establish a great social circle of friends.

Despite being the youngest member at Venusian Arts, Wemerson is extremely passionate about excelling his students' game to the next level and uses custom techniques to each student's different identity to facilitate the mastery of each and every individual student. Wemerson has taught live boot camps and seminars worldwide as well as several one-on-ones. He is credited along with Discovery for their new concept of "Wing-moging". Which incorporates the same attributes as AMOGing, however the goal is to never make one another look bad but to DHV each other through bantering. They incorporate calibrated body language and vibe which radiates to allow women to feel and take part in the connection. By having playful and genuine back and forth "stabs" at each other the group sees the tightness of their friendship. In return the girls become anxious to align. This is because she becomes aware that if she aligns with one guy she is guaranteed the social network, protection, resources and love from them all.

Wemerson is also known for his "Guide to Online Dating" technique and theories. These new theories will allow students to meet beautiful women over the internet by utilizing chats, messages, and especially Facebook. In addition to meeting them he teaches you how to attract, build comfort, and seduce them.

He currently resides in New York City.