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Giuseppe Notte's Biography(Books)

Giuseppe Notte
During the past 5 years, Giuseppe read alot of books on attracting and seducing women.He traveled the world and paid hundreds of dollars for workshops and seminars from famous "dating gurus" who claimed to have slept with thousands of women using their own techniques. Yet in the end, he only became successful with the secrets he discovered for himself.

Giuseppe Notte has created All About Women, the *ultimate* guide on turning YOU, the average guy into a sex-magnet who gets the most beautiful girls - whether you are fat, ugly, bald, young or broke!

Giuseppe Notte in his own words:

My friend, The Player has asked me to introduce myself. As some of you might already know, my name is Giuseppe Notte and I was born in Italy - and I'm everything but handsome.

To be honest, I have never been a "born natural" and for 26 years of my life, I struggled hard to get noticed by women. My dating life was a "complete disaster" as some of my friends would describe.

Enough is enough, and one day I made a resolution that I'd fix this part of my life for once to become at least "okay" with women.

Years of struggling followed. I have read each and every book I could find and I have taken workshops from some of the best "dating advice gurus".

The result? More and more struggling and frustration. Then one day, I've decided that I'd throw everything I knew down the toilet and that I'd start everything from scratch.

I let myself "go with the flow" and I've discovered a whole new side of the game. Many of us are looking for a "complete solution", many of us want to be given a method that we can follow step-by-step to become successful with women.

The bad news is that there is no such method. Each and every person is different with different problems they have to fix.

I have seen guys who had certain internal problems - just by fixing one little issue they have suddenly started to attract really hot chicks. On the other hand, some guys need to learn to socialize first - if you have been eating pizza and drinking beer in front of your computer for years, you won't become a Casanova overnight.

There is a certain learning curve everyone has to go through when trying to get hot women. You will need certain crutches first; then what you need is to let go of everything you have learnt and to try to be successful on your own. It might be hard at first - but after a few uncertain steps you will start to get "the feel of it" and see yourself becoming more and more successful with women.

Many authors provide complete methods and systems of seduction - but these system not only give - they also take away a lot. You start to think in the terms of the authors; you try to fit everything that happens into certain pre-made schemes and when this happens you just won't see the forest from the bush.

I've written an e-book for two reasons:

First, my friends were bugging me to write one seeing the success I'd suddenly get :)

Second, i wanted to give a method that gives more than it takes away. If you read my book, you get certain crutches, applicable techniques and guidelines that you can apply and follow - but my book also teaches you to find out WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. And this is the key that will eventually make you become successful with hot women.

If you are interested, I urge you to check out some of my articles first. If you like them, you should consider checking out my book as well.

Best wishes,

Giuseppe Notte