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The book begins with a table of contents outlining each section. The chapters are short, therefore there are a total of 347 chapters (some just a page in length), a few pages about the author and an Index located at the end of the book. The book literally gives you 1001 ideas that will bring romance back into your life. Each idea is given a number. Some numbers represent things you can do, while others may take the form of Ideas.I particularly liked sections N163 and N164...entitled Never, Never, Never.~Never, never, never w... More >>>
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The book begins with a table of contents outlining each section. The chapters are short, therefore there are a total of 347 chapters (some just a page in length), a few pages about the author and an Index located at the end of the book. The book literally gives you 1001 ideas that will bring romance back into your life. Each idea is given a number. Some numbers represent things you can do, while others may take the form of Ideas.

I particularly liked sections N163 and N164...entitled Never, Never, Never.

~Never, never, never wallpaper together.

~Never, never, never embarrass him in public.

~Never, never, never refer to your wife as "My Old Lady."

These are just a few of the examples listed in that section. As I mentioned, some of the numbers represent ideas like #189..listed under the heading of "Travel Tips": Sneak off to the airport the night before she's going to leave for a trip. Take one red rose. Rent one of those small storage lockers in the terminal. Put the flower in the locker. Sneak back home. Just before she leaves for the airport, hand her the key to the storage locker.

I think this is a great idea, of course you'd have to live pretty close to the airport to pull this one off! Throughout the book there are also cute cartoons as well as a list of the 99 Best Love Songs of the Twentieth Century, Songs to Express Your Feelings, Best Romantic Comedies and Great Date Movies. This book has a little bit of everything. It is written so that it is useful to both the male and female reader. The book is written in the simplest of terms so anyone can understand it. It is mostly common sense, but sometimes we just need a little reminding when it comes to romance. It is seldom a complaint of men that women are "not romantic enough" - however, the reverse is often true - women complain frequently that the men in their lives are not romantic, not attentive, not caring......

That this book was written by a man not only shows that romance is a 'mindset' - but that men really do have and can tap into that romantic side. The author comes right out and says that 'Love may make the world go round, but it is "romantic love" that makes the ride worthwhile.' It might "seem" like enough, to be able to say that you love someone. Even an intimate caring loving relationship, it might be but while Love is the foundation of a relationship, Romance is the expression of that love. It makes life sparkle. The good news is that ANY relationship can be invigorated and inspired by the addition of even a tiny bit of romance - the GREAT news is that a tiny bit of romance lights a spark, that can become a warming, nurturing flame - or like a snowball rolling down a hill - it grows as it moves forward....and this book can help you find it.

If you want to surprise your partner with some of the fun suggestions sneak away to read this book and keep it a secret. My husband and I have found to enjoy reading it together during what we call our "couch" time. That is the hour or so after the kids are in bed when we have that little time to sit and have adult conversation and peace and quiet! Of course we love our children, but that little quiet time sometimes is so meaningful after a busy day or a long stressful week. We have found many of the suggestions to be funny that we would just sit together reading and laughing at the stories, and passages in this book.

It is not a book that you will pick up and read from cover to cover before putting it down. It is more of the type of book that you will skim through the pages and pick it up time and again. I might read a few pages, skip around, or look in the index to find a specific topic, then put it away until later. It's a fun book, and one well worth having in your library. I have a passion [sorry for the pun] for self-help and reference books, on topics ranging from cooking & cleaning, to child rearing, to Love and Romance.

So, if you find yourself stuck in that state of "comfortability" and want to spice up your romance a little do purchase this book for your collection. thing I wouldn't suggest is that you purchase this book as a gift for your Significant other! Reason being, they might just take it the wrong way as if you are saying they aren't romantic enough. Big No No... My husband even laughed when he saw that I had ordered it asking if I thought he wasn't romantic. I'm lucky I have one of those "sensitive" type men, who isn't ashamed to cry if he is hurting, or laugh when he's being silly, so I classify him in a category that he is a romantic at heart, sometimes they just need to be reminded... Oops that just got me a lot of NH's from the guys. All joking aside, most men do have a romantic side, they just sometimes are afraid to show it. This book will enlighten you to ways to be romantic for both men and women with some ways that are so simple we wouldn't even think of doing.

About Author:

13 Facts About Gregory J.P. Godek

1. Greg has taught romance on "Oprah."
2. He has counseled the "romantically-impaired" on "Donahue."
3. He hasn't (yet) been on "The Tonight Show," but Jay Leno did joke about 1001 Ways To Be Romantic during his monologue.
4. Greg has been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Playboy, Harper's Bazaar and People Magazine.
5. He has authored 12 books in 12 years.
6. More than 3 million copies of his books have sold worldwide.
7. Greg is a teacher and role model, not a therapist or theorist.
8. He is a researcher, questioner, listener.
9. He studies successful couples, happy people, and "what works."
10. Greg's is a synergistic and quirky path that combines a novelist's eye for character and motivation with a teacher's passion for connecting and communicating with students.
11. Greg has presented his Romance Seminar to the U.S. Army.
12. He has consulted with the flower, chocolate, diamond and movie industries.
13. For Greg, this was not a chosen profession, but the following of a muse, the expression of universal truths as experienced by one individual.

8 Curious Things Said About Gregory J.P. Godek

1. "Greg Godek should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for teaching 1001 Ways To Be Romantic."
~ Boston Magazine
2. "1001 Ways To Be Romantic . . . That seems like an AWFUL LOT! I mean, guys, if the first THOUSAND ideas don't work--what are the chances she's going to stick around when you say, 'okay just ONE MORE'?!"
~ Jay Leno, on The Tonight Show
3. "These books are worth memorizing."
~ The Boston Herald
4. "Godek is ruining things for us guys!"
~ Joe Magadatz, author of the parody 1001 Ways NOT To Be Romantic
5. "Greg Godek is a thirtysomething Leo Buscaglia."
~ Evening Magazine
6. "Greg teaches the truth."
~ Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul
7. "Greg Godek explains how to get the Woo in wooing."
~ Cosmopolitan
8. "I respect and recommend Greg Godek's writings on love right along with William Shakespeare's."
~ Margie Lapanja, author of The Goddess' Guide to Love

6 Personal Facts About Gregory J.P. Godek

1. The "J.P." stands for John Paul.
2. Greg is a classic, romantic Pisces.
3. Yes, he really did have a girlfriend in kindergarden.
4. No, his father was not a romantic role model.
5. But Greg combined his father's passion for life with his mother's creativity.
6. His favorite TV show is Babylon 5.

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