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Adam Gilad - Agelessly Irresistible Attraction Mastery For The Over 35 Man (751.0 Kb eBook)

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TABLE OF CONTENTS - The Ten Irresistible Qualities of The Advanced Masculine - The Good News: You Are At Your Prime - Women Want - And Need - To Admire You - The Sexy Qualities of Your "Kingship" - Practices: Creating Safety - Integrity Practice 1: Under-promise and Over-deliver - Integrity Practice 2: Create Easy Trust-ability Victories Early On - Integrity Practice 3: Over-deliver - Integrity Practice 4: Eliminate "Woulda-Couldas" Forever - Physical Practice: Being at Center - Social Practice: Being at Center - Emotiona... More >>>
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Publisher:  PUA Media Library
Category:   Art Of Attraction
Author:      Adam Gilad
Format:      eBook
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- The Ten Irresistible Qualities of The Advanced Masculine

- The Good News: You Are At Your Prime

- Women Want - And Need - To Admire You

- The Sexy Qualities of Your "Kingship"

- Practices: Creating Safety

- Integrity Practice 1: Under-promise and Over-deliver

- Integrity Practice 2: Create Easy Trust-ability Victories Early On

- Integrity Practice 3: Over-deliver

- Integrity Practice 4: Eliminate "Woulda-Couldas" Forever

- Physical Practice: Being at Center

- Social Practice: Being at Center

- Emotional Practice: Being at Center

- Wisdom Practice

- Practice: Give Gratitude For 50 Things a Day

- Sexual Claim Practice

- Claiming Technique 1: Touch Like a King

- Claiming Technique 2: Kiss Like a King

- Claiming Technique 3: Hand to Hand

- The Essential Character Elements of Attraction Mastery

- EXERCISE: How You Can Embody Your Warrior King Today



- Cultivate Your Love of the Feminine in All Its Forms

- Cultivate and Demonstrate Intuition

- Listen To What's Not Said

- Observe Others For Fun and Profit

- Read Palms

- Read Handwriting

- Simple Mirroring

- Love Her Wholeness (Not her Hole-ness)

- Love Your Vision

- Taking Your Inner Lover To The Deepest Point

- Sexual Practice #1: Expand Your Awareness

- Sexual Practice 2: Worship Her Divinity Through Her Body




- The Heroism of Telling Your Story Anew

- Choosing Freedom

- Your Six Stories

- You Are The Orphan

- You Are Also The Wanderer

- You Are Also The Warrior

- You Are Also The Innocent

- You Are Also The Magician

- Exercise 1: Join a men's group or a mastermind.

- Exercise 2: Write an Ideal Vision of Your Life

About Author:

Adam Gilad is an eclectic, inveterate creator, writer, Emmy-nominated Producer, traveler, scholar, teacher, student and life-enthusiast.

In recent years, Adam has founded The Fearless Lover, Inc., an evolving suite of online and seminar enterprises which aim to guide men and women into their inner strengths and highest intentions, then communicate with each other in a powerful, passionate, compassionate and most importantly, mutually inspiring way.

His goal with The Fearless Lover is to effectuate, (for himself as well as for others!), a buoyant life of diminished fear in all its forms, and a continuous opening of the heart into deeper, broader love as a daily practice -- no matter what.

Adam Gilad is a dating and communication expert, teacher, speaker, writer, film producer, entrepreneur, father, thinker and spiritual adventurer. "You can live the journey into love as squatting defendedly in the mini-mall of the soul," he has written, or you can skydive into making it your life's most profound journey of daily awakening. Your choice."

Roping in a rollicking and eclectic training - ranging from Cambridge University and a fellowship at the Stanford Humanities Center, to Himalayan Buddhist Monastaries, sleepless Jerusalem study houses, Amazonian shamanic journeys, Hollywood (he's an Emmy Nominated Producer) and years of relentless study and exploration in the realms of love, awakening and communication, Adam masterfully sparks his readers and clients into shaking free from limitation and creating a robust life of passionate love, deep devotion, fearless authenticity, daring and, ultimately, playful evolution.

"Love is not a slice of the pie. It IS the pie."

A self-described "Lawrence of Suburbia," Adam set off into the world in his mid-teens, determined to seize every day. Pushing his old iron bike up a rainy Castle Hill at Cambridge University, he was struck by the infiinity of love, which suddenly dwarfed his other studies and interests. Beginning a journey into world spiritual traditions, he married young and fathered two sons, who continue to be his primary teachers today. Suddenly single at 39, he decided to devote his time and energy to figuring out how we love and, how we hinder love - that, or sit in his house and sulk 24 hours a day. And an entirely new career was born...

With a wicked, but illuminating sense of humor, and drawing from world wisdom traditions as well as his own wild ride, he helps both men and women unlock their courage, the depths of their ability to love, and how to articulate and practice a compassionate, forgiving, sexy life of creativity, freedom and intimacy.

With his abundant writing, including Deep Attraction Online and Ageless Attraction for men, and The Right Man Online for women, this PhD/AbD has attracted a following in the dating and relationship industry of over 40,000. His efforts have resulted in reborn faith in dating and love, countless dates and relationships and marriages on virtually every continent on Earth (penguins do mate for life, but it's not technically "marriage.")

Adam Gilad in his own words:

How do we love? Why do we retract from the very things that give us most happiness? How can we navigate our own wounds and the wounds of those we meet to create joy, openness, exploration, passion and a life of awakening?

These are the questions that bring me here to you, and, I'm guessing, bringing you here to me.

These questions -- the things that make life worth living -- emerge here as "How can we attract an intimate partner?" "How can we more deeply connect with an intimate partner?" And "How can we inspire our intimate partner?"

The answers, of course, come with bold and rigorous self-understanding, practice and learning.
And the answers will keep coming -- if you keep asking.

That is what I do. I have been writing and teaching about dating, sex and relationships for several years. I have worked as a communications expert in various fields all my life, as a Humanities Center Graduate Fellow at Stanford, as a Hollywood writer and producer (picking up an Emmy nomination on the way) and as a communications and creative consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

Married at 23, I found myself single in my late thirties, and devoted myself to "figuring out" what is possible -- how could men and women touch and inspire each other? What creates passionate attraction in the first moment? What inspires devotion over time? I had no idea what lay in front of me, but I knew I wanted a life of passion, fun, love and exploration.

I threw myself into study -- live workshops, scores of books, insane amounts of roguish post-divorce dating, questioning, and finding the best teachers I could.
As a writer, I found the world of Internet Dating a treasure trove, not only personally, but for insight into the ways both men and women express -- and sabotage -- themselves.

Internet profiles are a window into self-image and esteem, barely-hidden fears and hopes and all the places where men and women want so much to find passion, connection and love -- but F*** it up.

So I wrote two ebooks (sometimes using the pen name Grant Adams), now called DeepAttractionOnline for men and The Right Man Online for women -- showing, in detail, how to express your best self in a language that the other gender actually FEELS.

(It looks like both are coming out together as a hardcover book with the catchy title of, Net2Bed/Net2Wed: How To Attract The Partner of Your Dreams For a Night...Or a Lifetime -- which was the original title of my men's book - we should be on TV by January, 2010)

The men's book took off and started selling all around the world. Flooded with questions, I then created follow up training programs on how to Approach and Connect with women (Masters of Approach), how to be a thoughtful and powerful lover (Erotic Mastery) and began a monthly interview series where we explored what it means for men to be a "Complete Attractor."

What began as "how to succeed in dating" soon became what it needed to be: how to be the man (or woman) who inspires the other gender not by what you do, but by the human being your are.

Ultimately, being successful in this realm -- whether dating or long-term relationships -- is a spiritual process. Why?

Because it means learning and discipline, reeling in the ego, feeling into the depth and reality of other people, perpetual testing and practice and a stance of openness and curiosity about the dance of it all.

Along the way I have founded The Fearless Lover, produced several workshops for the esteemed writer and thinker, David Deida, as well as creating an experimental online community for his devoted community. I studied with Satyen Raja and co-founded WarrriorSage Village - which is an intentional online/offline community devoted to living a life of passion, love and freedom.

Gathering together a broad and deep faculty of teachers of sacred sexuality, I co-created One Tantra, and recently, also co-founded Evolver Intensives -- (see a monthly online learning series for people who are devoted to really thinking about where we are all going as a culture and as a species -- transformational consciousness, economics and food and health practices for this new era.

We are all evolving -- and you can do it consciously and create the life you actually want to live, with the lover or lovers we actually want to have -- or you stay stuck in fear, retraction, old self-limiting habits, defensive ego and cycles of pain and disappointment.

You know which side I am on. I hope you stay on this journey with me -- on the path of becoming a truly inspiring man leading a powerful, fun and inspiring life. The world needs you. Good women need you.

Lets see just how much happiness is possible.