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Neil Strauss - The Game Compact Edition (copyrighted book, review only)

Cover of Neil Strauss's Book The Game Compact Edition
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The Game is a truly fantastic read. Author, Neil Strauss, takes the reader through his life changing journey of transformation from a geek to a woman magnet. He starts out as an unconfident, shy, passive, and introverted writer for The New York Times who within two years becomes one of the world's greatest pick-up artists (PUAs). A pick-up artist is a man who goes out and attracts women with his tremendous communication skills. Though they don't refer to the skills as communication skills,? the many pick-up artists throughou... More >>>
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Author:      Neil Strauss
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The Game is a truly fantastic read. Author, Neil Strauss, takes the reader through his life changing journey of transformation from a geek to a woman magnet. He starts out as an unconfident, shy, passive, and introverted writer for The New York Times who within two years becomes one of the world's greatest pick-up artists (PUAs). A pick-up artist is a man who goes out and attracts women with his tremendous communication skills. Though they don't refer to the skills as communication skills,? the many pick-up artists throughout The Game are extremely competent in reading a woman's body language, keeping her interested, and having great conversations. The PUAs with their fine-tuning to improve their skills, rapid adaption to the situation, routines, and high awareness put the majority of people who learn communication skills to shame.Each character in The Game has his own name which the pick-up artists refer to one another by. The author, Neil Strauss, goes by the name of "Style" and learns these pick-up skills with guys like Extramask, Juggler, and WideFace from the pioneers in the field who are Mystery and Ross Jeffries.

Neil Strauss is the main character in the book. After reading a bit about pick-up skills online from what they call a "lair" where guys learn how to attract women, Style meets up with Mystery at a workshop for the first time who is with a friend and fellow instructor by the name of Sinn. Mystery and Sinn both begin to instruct Style and two other students on what to expect at the workshop. On the first night, the two instructors blow the students' minds away as they see the instructors attract women before their very eyes. The three students are caught in disbelief as their past beliefs of only good-looking guys get the hot women are destroyed (most characters in the book are unattractive). The following nights at the workshop where the student's begin to practice are filled with failure yet they manage the occasional successful approach which excite the students. Style gets hooked on the whole pick-up subject and soon commits to making the decision to get this part of his life solved. He becomes sick of not being able to talk to women and sets out on a journey to become ultra successful with women. After learning from the many greats like his best friend, Mystery, attending seminars, practicing and failing, and reading many books on various topics, Style soon becomes one of the world's best at picking-up women.

These guys have an amazing ability to penetrate a group of 10 people consisting of 9 men and 1 woman and come out with the woman's phone number. There is a scene in the book where a character by the name of Mystery (arguably the World's greatest PUA) basically steals Scott Baio's girlfriend who is a very attractive lady. Mystery achieves this by firstly befriending Scott. He approaches the group by performing magic tricks to demonstrate a higher value which sets him apart from other men. Scott's girlfriend urges Mystery to show her more tricks which he ignores. Because of her requests, Mystery occasionally negs her by making comments to Scott like this she always this demanding.? In under 20 minutes, Scott's girlfriend is handing Mystery her phone number (number-close). As you can probably tell, the attraction community is filled with their own jargon like negging (a gentle put-down), average frustrated chump (AFC - typical guy who isn't good with women), indicator of interest (IOI - a sign of interest a woman displays), and demonstration of higher value (DHV) to name a few of the many terms. Pick-up artists or soon-to-be pick-up artists go sarging in-field (meaning they go out to practice their pick-up skills on women). The men mostly go in-field for "night game" at night-clubs and bars though there are a few pick-up scenes at "day game" venues like bookshops in the The Game. In fact, the first day game approach Neil Strauss did was a success in number-closing a Playmate of the year.

There's other famous situations like when a character by the name of Papa number-closed Paris Hilton at a taco store. Another one is when Courtney Love moved into the pick-up artist's house - named "Project Hollywood" - during Courtney's legal battle. This situation goes on for a few chapters with Courtney having a funny "Muffin Day" and "Lemonade Day" where she makes mass amounts of muffins and lemonade for the guys. Also, later on in the book when Neil Strauss has mastered pick-up skills, he interviews a resistant Britney Spears for The New York Times. After running a few routines on her, Britney all of a sudden opens up and begins to heavily participate in the interview.

The Game does contain the occasional swearing and adult scenes. The book is written in a novel format which had me hooked word-for-word. I rarely read novels but Neil integrates a narrational style of writing on the scenes that take place by educating the reader with what is going on at a deeper level as the skills are used. You are taken inside the mind of pick-up artists as you discover the various and intriguing skills they use. You really do penetrate the secret society of pick-up artists. The Game is a fantastic book. Those who aren't familiar with the pick-up community will find this truly interesting. If this whole topic interests you, go and get your copy of Neil Strauss' The Game directly from by clicking here today. Next, check-out the videos below where Neil (the bald guy) discusses his book and some of the techniques on various T.V. shows.

About Author:

Neil Strauss (also known by the pen name Style or Chris Powles), is an American author, journalist and ghostwriter. He is best known for his best-selling book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, where he describes his experiences in the seduction community in an effort to become "a pick-up artist." He is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and also writes regularly for The New York Times. Neil Strauss was until 2005 primarily known for journalism and ghost-writing. Having written extensively for 'Rolling Stone' magazine on artists like Eric Clapton and Nirvana.


After graduating high school from the Latin School of Chicago, Strauss attended Vassar College. While in school he began his career writing for Ear, an avant-garde magazine, and editing his first book, Radiotext(e), an anthology of radio-related writings for the postmodern publisher Semiotext(e). He moved on to the Village Voice, where he did everything from copy-editing to fact-checking before becoming a regular reporter and critic. He was invited by Jon Pareles to become a music critic at The New York Times where he wrote the Pop Life column and front-page stories on Wal-Mart's CD-editing policies, music censorship, radio payola, and the lost wax figures of country-music stars.

He was then invited by Jann Wenner to become a contributing editor at Rolling Stone where he wrote cover stories on Kurt Cobain, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Orlando Bloom, the Wu-Tang Clan, Gwen Stefani, Stephen Colbert, and Marilyn Manson.

He won the ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for his coverage of Kurt Cobain's suicide for Rolling Stone and his profile of Eric Clapton in The New York Times Arts & Leisure section. Strauss also contributed to Esquire, Maxim, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Details, and The Source. He was also featured in Beck's music video Sexx Laws which also featured Jack Black, and as a guest star on the season six finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Neil Strauss was the co-writer or ghostwriter of several best-selling celebrity memoirs, including The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell with Marilyn Manson, The Dirt with Motley Crue, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale with Jenna Jameson, and Don't Try This At Home with Dave Navarro.

After leaving The New York Times to ghostwrite Jameson's memoirs, Strauss wrote The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists (Regan Books, 2005), a book about a sub-culture of pick-up artists known as the seduction community. The book made a month-long appearance in the New York Times bestsellers list in September-October 2005, and reached the #1 position on immediately after its release in the United States. It was optioned to be made into a film by Spyglass Entertainment, with Chris Weitz adapting and producing .

His follow-up book, a controversial graphic novel How to Make Money Like a Porn Star, came out in 2006 on September 26. By 2006 Neil Strauss also came out with "Shoot", a short film about becoming a rockstar that he co-wrote, directed and performed in. That same year, in collaboration with Dave Navarro and Entourage writer Cliff Dorfman, he created a one-hour TV drama The Product for FX. In 2007, he released a follow-up to The Game, Rules of the Game, a two-book boxed set.

On March 4, 2009, The New York Times wrote that Strauss (along with rock biographer Anthony Bozza) had started his own publishing company, Igniter, as a subimprint of HarperCollins. Igniter's first title, the Times reported, will be "The World According to Bozo the Clown."

Strauss's newest book, Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life (Harper, 2009), for which he spent three years undercover amongst survivalists, tax-dodgers, billionaire businessmen, and the government itself, was hailed by Rolling Stone as an "escape plan" for the current world crisis. It entered the New York Times bestseller list at 3.

Seduction community

In the seduction community, Strauss is known by the pseudonym "Style". Some in the seduction community referred to Neil, based upon his reputation for picking up exceptionally beautiful women. Later, when information about upcoming release of The Game spread across the seduction community, some considered Strauss a traitor, revealing the guarded secrets to general society and thus reducing their effectiveness (this view is not shared by everyone). Strauss abandoned his pickup artist's lifestyle and settled with a long-term girlfriend Lisa Leveridge, who played in the band Hole (Courtney Love).

In 2004 he published an article in the New York Times about his experiences.

At the end of 2005, Strauss passed his knowledge to 5 selected followers at a three-day seminar at his California home. During the event, many legendary personalities came across to share their knowledge, including Ross Jeffries, Steve Piccus, Mystery and Hypnotica.

In The Game, Strauss tells the tale of his transformation into "Style," a pickup artist under the tutelage of Mystery a guru widely known as "the world's greatest pick up artist". The book charts two years in his life. In addition to documenting his experiences with pickup artists like Mystery and Ross Jeffries, it also describes his interactions with celebrities including Britney Spears, Tom Cruise and Courtney Love. In promoting his book, Neil Strauss appeared on various TV shows, including ABC Primetime. In addition to documenting his experiences with pickup artists like Mystery, Extramask (Barry Kirkey) and Ross Jeffries, it also describes his interactions with celebrities including Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, and Courtney Love. Strauss writes of his distrust of pickup artists "Tyler Durden" and "Papa", the co-founders of Real Social Dynamics. In promoting his book, Strauss appeared on various TV shows, including The View and ABC Primetime, and he participated in many book signings.

Neil Strauss has released a new book, The Rules of the Game, that contains two volumes. The first is an 30-day transformation bootcamp in which you can become more socially proficient. The second is his collection of adventurous stories dubbed "The Pickup Artists Companion". Both are excellent reads.

After publishing the book, Strauss temporarily retired as a pickup artist and settled with a long-term girlfriend Lisa Leveridge, who played guitar in Courtney Love's all-female band The Chelsea. An article in the Sunday Mirror, suggested that Leveridge broke up with Strauss in February 2006 to date Robbie Williams. Strauss denied the Williams rumor, but confirmed his breakup with Leveridge on his mailing list a few months later.


Through his VIP mailing list, Strauss announced the Stylelife Challenge on May 31, 2006. Strauss challenged men to get a date in 30 days or less. During the entire month of July 2006, participants were given daily challenges on the Stylelife. These challenges were designed to help men makeover their look, overcome their fears, and get a date within a month. While the primary goal was simply for participants to get a date, the most improved won a week-end in San Diego with the Inner Game guru "Hypnotica" ("Rasputin" in The Game).

On March 10, 2007, through his VIP mailing list, Strauss announced the Stylelife Academy, which he describes as the first online school for self-improvement and attraction. Enrolled students study a variety of subjects ranging from mind-shaping, to body language, to story telling, to being a good conversationalist in daily online classes.

In spite of his success, Neil was aware that there was one part of his life where he had dealt with constant failure: he just couldn't seem to get any action from the opposite sex. His obvious talent for writing wasn't of much assistance when it came to dating. He started researching online and found that there was a 'secret society of pickup artists' who consistently held meetings in order to sharpen their skills with women.

Strauss signed on for a bootcamp held by Mystery, and thus began the short journey that would very quickly transform into the best selling book: 'The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists'. The book was essentially a 'who's who' of pickup while the community was still in its infancy. It describes Strauss' rapid rise within the pickup community, morphing himself from Neil Strauss, well known writer, into 'Style', master pickup artist. Using the varying techniques he acquired from Mystery and a host of other gurus, Style eventually became known as the "No. 1 Pick-Up artist in the world" shortly after the books release.

'The Game' went on to become such a tremendous financial success that in late 2007, Neil wrote a sequel; 'The Rules of the Game.' Wanting to pass on his seduction knowledge to the community, Neil also created a school for pickup artists. Although it is extremely rare for Style to do 'live demonstrations' he shares his pickup ideas with the community freely.

Neil Strauss' contributions to the overall growth of the Seduction Community are undeniable.