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Love Systems - The Ultimate Guide To Text And Phone Game (copyrighted book, review only)

Cover of Love Systems's Book The Ultimate Guide To Text And Phone Game
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PLEASE NOTE: This is PDF ebook, no AUDIO includedIf you have ever wanted more dates, more phone numbers and more attractive women, well the time is now. The Ultimate Guide To Text And Game is an ebook that is the first of its kind, an ebook based soley on text and phone game.The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game is going to show you just how easy it is to get dates from a phone number. A lot of guys are unsure whether to call, or text and this ebook will show you exactly which one is right for the occasion.One of the coo... More >>>
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Author:      Love Systems
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PLEASE NOTE: This is PDF ebook, no AUDIO included

If you have ever wanted more dates, more phone numbers and more attractive women, well the time is now. The Ultimate Guide To Text And Game is an ebook that is the first of its kind, an ebook based soley on text and phone game.

The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game is going to show you just how easy it is to get dates from a phone number. A lot of guys are unsure whether to call, or text and this ebook will show you exactly which one is right for the occasion.

One of the coolest things about this ebook is the section on callback humor and how to use it effectively. Not only can it get her to "open up" but it can ramp up attraction like crazy. Phone game can take a while to calibrate though, and the differences between texting and calling enormous. There is what I like to call a "sweet spot" of conversation, a point where everything is fun but not dragging out. That is where you want all your conversations to go and this ebook will show you exactly how to get there.

Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game will show you how to deal with flaking as well, and also the key texting techniques to get rid of flaking. The Ultimate Guide To Text And Phone Game will also show you exactly how much work you need to put in before she will meet up with you.

This is the first comprehensive product to come out on what you do between meeting a girl and getting her phone number and meeting her the second time (going on a date). Also known as 'time bridging'.

It fills a much needed void in the dating advice market. One of the biggest issues for guys once they learn dating advice is that they can get phone numbers but don't seem to be able to meet the girls afterwards to take the relationship further. It's a huge source of frustration, so a book like this has been a long time coming.

To bring out a good product on the subject isn't easy because for one thing there is so much uncertainty involved. When you're texting or phoning a girl you really don't know what is going on in her life at that moment and as a consequence there are a lot of unknowns to deal with.

In short - this product was going to have to really do a good job for it to be good.

So, what's the verdict?

An Excellent Product - a System

I'm betting that for the vast majority of guys "The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game" will cover a lot of material that you hadn't thought of. It includes virtually everything I've ever come across with respect to using texts and phoning women, and a lot more.

It contains a neat system which you can apply to take a lot of the uncertainty out of what you are doing.

Easy to Follow - But No Less Comprehensive

A big challenge with this subject was to make it easily implementable. Love Systems has outdone itself here by creating some really solid, but simple concepts and drumming them in through out the book. These include areas such as calibration (short, medium and long fuses) and The advice is very well structured. Braddock and Mr. M have written a book that flows with a slow and steady build up of simple concepts reinforced with plenty of practical examples. The care taken in making it usable by the reader really shows through. This goes down to how they have kept the content simple, with five or so main themes to keep in your head when texting and phoning women. It doesn't get overly complicated which is a typical issue with dating advice.

For those who have read Love System's core product the Magic Bullets Handbook, you will also find that the material is supplementary and fits with the rest of their approach to dating. Understanding their 'emotional progression' model and other items properly will undoubtedly reinforce your ability to use this product and apply it effectively, since is built on top of these core concepts.

No Fluff - Real Solid Clarity

Beyond using many practical examples, this ebook doesn't let up from giving you 'hard rules' to go by. There are many times where I was thinking about how something isn't relevant in all situations - and bang - every time they would put a note or firm rule at the end telling you when not to use it.

This is invaluable. It goes as far as giving 'do - do not' lists to make things really easy for you to follow in more complex sections such as 'sexualisation'.

There are a lot of subtleties that go into calibration of texting, which could very well take years of experience to understand - it was a long process for me. The ebook has captured many of these - again, really essential if you want to get good at this stuff.

This was by far not an easy subject to make clear, and the efforts to do it really come through in the book. This is truly a great product from this point of view and I'm looking forward to hearing how it impacts students results. I'm sure it's going to do well.

Expelling Limiting Beliefs - Persistance

I'm sure this ebook will destroy quite a few limiting beliefs for guys. A key example is how it is possible to have nothing happen with a girl over a long period of time, a month, or even a year, and despite this, through some good text and phone game, make it work in the end. There are quite a few examples of Braddock and Mr. M going though this 'slow burn' type of game.

Caveat: Keep in mind that there are also many girls who will simply disappear in those situations, and that the examples in the book show the positive outcomes to demonstrate what is possible.

Many guys give up too early and don't persist enough or in the right way - the book tackles this subject well.

Trying to Find Faults

These are the few pitfalls or areas to be aware of before you buy and implement - just so that you don't get potentially disillusioned. These are really the only negative things I have to say about the product and only because I'm being critical in an idealistic manner.

1. 1. Phone Game: The book is entitled 'the ultimate text and phone game', however in reality 95% of the content relates to texting. There is good reason for that focus, however I would've liked more time spent on discussing the subtleties of being on the phone with women. There is room to add more detail here to the same level of 'capturing subtleties' as has been done with texting in the book. It is covered well, however, not to the superior level of the rest of the book.

2. 2. Advanced Non-Essential Material Warning: Towards the end of the ebook there is a large section dedicated to 'Sexualization'. It's good material, but for most readers this won't be immediately usable and even 'dangerous' to their results. Braddock and Mr. M give several warnings about this, well done, however I imagine that the emphasis on it will still lead many students to jump on it, especially as it looks exciting. In reality, such content is less important than the rest of the book - only useful for certain dating situations. It was not mentioned in the book but it is actually great for existing relationships (not sure why this wasn't mentioned). If you buy the book don't get overly involved in this section, thinking because it uses up many pages it is an important part to get things working for you. In most situations it really won't make the difference between a bad and good result. In others it will sabotage your efforts. Be mindful of this if you aren't at an advanced level.

3. 3. Make it More Visual: There are no diagrams or visuals in this ebook. It's pure reading. It's a shame, because just a few diagrams could have captured and communicated the message and advice that much more clearly. I hope to see some in future revisions, because that will make it even easier to use.

If Love Systems tackles these issues, it would turn this from an Excellent to a truly Outstanding product.


When I see an ebook priced at nearly $100, I take a hard look at it to see if it is worth that money. There are only a few premium products in the market which charge this price. One is Revelation for instance, which we believe is good value for money.

In comparison, this book is much narrower, looking at a small area of the overall skillset. So at first glance you may ask why so much given that it covers less subjects. However, I would say this. If this is an area of your skillset that is not working for you - it will be good value. This isn't an optional add on to meeting women, it is an essential part of the puzzle. And it isn't covered in other products anywhere near as extensively although it may be touched upon. The value is in its ability to change your results.

The one caveat: If you are just looking for a few tips to improve something that you already do well, and $100 is a lot of money for you - it most likely won't be worth you buying it.

I'd personally be happy with the purchase, and I've read a lot and considered that I was already pretty damn good in this area... The Bottom Line I can only say Get this product if you are either not entirely sure what to do with phone numbers of women once you have them or you are getting phone numbers, and having those numbers 'blur' (i.e. never lead to meet ups)? I know this is the case for many guys.

So, pretty much everyone, no matter who you are will get value from this product. Beginners and even intermediates will get a whole system to follow and guys of an advanced level will find new things to try out and apply to what they are already doing (I know I'll make some tweaks and try some new stuff out). Bonus: You'll possibly spend a lot less time thinking about what to do with numbers, and can put that time to other endeavours...

This is an excellent product. It was high time someone tackled this frustration point for guys - Awesome!

PLEASE NOTE: This is PDF ebook, no AUDIO inc

About Author:

The Love Systems is a company that offers workshops for men on how to approach, attract and relate to women. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 2004 as Mystery Method Corporation and renamed Love Systems in 2007.

Founded in 2004 by Nick Savoy and Mystery (Erik von Markovik), the Love Systems (then known as Mystery Method Corporation) was the first company to offer practical training in seduction, in the form of a workshop where men are trained in the art of approaching women in bars and nightclubs using routines. - phrases and decorated stories designed in order to advance the interaction [3] Some examples of routines are 1) the "Openers" phrases used to approach a woman or a group of people and aimed at start the interaction of an original or interesting way; 2) stories that create certain emotional states and 3) "seduction routines," to reduce the sexual stamina of a woman.

In 2007, Mystery (Erik von Markovik) broke away from Mystery Method Corporation and the company changed its name to Love Systems.

Nick Savoy, president and director, and Love Systems instructors team continue organizing workshops and lectures around the world, developing the technology of "science of relationships" and helping men improve their love lives. [5] Based in Los Angeles the company has instructors located throughout the world.

In 2010, Love Systems Brazil began its operation, launching the first site of the Love Systems in Portuguese.

In 2008 the workshop of Love Systems appeared in a US television Fox News chain report. Psychologist Mike Botwin opined that the communication techniques taught by Love Systems are based on scientific principles of evolutionary biology.

In the "Dr. Phil" program, Love Systems was initially criticized for teaching men to attract and seduce women, but Dr. Phil himself concluded with an overall positive image of the methods used. In his own words: "You are giving men the" tools "necessary to meet women." He also compared the Love Systems method to the use of push-up bras and makeup for women.

Several instructors Love Systems appeared on Canadian TV program "Keys to the VIP", structured as a competition between two men trying to complete challenges related to the achievement of women in a ballad (some typical missions of this program is to get the phone or a kiss from a girl). Instructors of Love Systems Cajun, Biscuit and Sphinx appeared on the program.

In 2009, Nick Savoy and instructor Love Systems Nick Braddock were guests on "The Tyra Banks Show." The presenter Tyra Banks showed curious about the methods used and eventually concluded that they are legitimate.

The Love Systems offers a workshop (in English, "bootcamp") of three days, from Friday to Sunday, where men receive instruction in order to develop their ability to communicate with women and their love lives. During a total of 23 hours (theoretical session of 5 hours per day + practical sessions of four hours on Friday and Saturday), the instructors of Love Systems teach students to become more attractive and successful in their approaches. The teachings include female psychology and body language. Other specialized courses teach men how to meet women during the day or how to get women into bed the first night. Thousands of men have made the workshop of Love Systems, which has been taught in more than 13 countries and 35 cities.

Each year, the Love Systems organizes the Super Conference (Super Conference) where both instructors Love Systems as other renowned seduction instructors from around the world gather to share, discuss and teach men to meet, attract and relate to women.

The Love Systems has dozens of instructors scattered around the world. Most had little success with women to discover the techniques of Love Systems. Typically, instructors make the workshop of Love Systems and then spend time honing your skills before joining the team. The Love Systems instructors are often cited among the greatest in the world of seduction masters and some are true celebrities in the seduction community. Some of the most popular instructors are:

- Nick Savoy
- Jeremy Soul
- Cajun
- The Don
- Braddock

Love Systems partial products list:

- The Venusian Arts Handbook (2005). The Mystery Method.
- The Mystery Method: How to get beautiful women to bed (2005). Mystery, Lovedrop. St. Martin's Press.
- Mystery Video Archive Encyclopedia 5-DVD Set (2006). The Mystery Method.
- Magic Bullets - Magic Formula (2007). Nick Savoy.
- The Routines Manual of Love Systems (2008). Nick Savoy and The Don.
- The Routines Manual of Love Systems - Volume 2 (2009).
- The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game (The Game of the Supreme Guide Phone and Text Messaging). Braddock and Mr M.
- Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone (Day Game: Never sleep alone) (2010). Jeremy Soul.
- The Love Systems Interview Series
- Relationship Management, Featuring Nick Savoy

Source: wikipedia