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High Status Male by Michael Pilinski
Dare you admit that he has a secret power to meet women that you don't? I could be just like him and get girls too, if I wanted to. Right. Okay so we were just kids then, stupid kids, so what? Well, it begins to matter a lot a few years later when every one of your friends fumbles and feels his way... >>More<<
The Three Keys To Seducing Any Woman by Michael Pilinski
This is Special Report From I'm going to clue you in on something that you may or may not believe when you first hear it, but in your heart of hearts I know you will understand it to be the God's honest truth. It's simply this: your problem with whatever fear you might be... >>More<<
Without Embarrassment by Michael Pilinski
Are you socially withdrawn? Is "nerd" how you would describe yourself? Can you remember a horrible, mocking, humiliating event in your past that still haunts you to this day? See it as vividly as when it first happened? (Oh, I can remember a few of them!) What kind of pain does it take to control... >>More<<
3 Perfecting Your Dominant Male Attitude by Michael Pilinski
Key 3 from Mike Polinski book "The Three Keys To Seducing Any Woman". Perfecting Your Dominant Male Attitude Is There Really a Male Display That Acts Like a 'Mating Call' to Women?Any man, that is, who shows respect for the complexities of courting by taking it seriously. You see, gamesmanship is a... >>More<<