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Will H's Biography(Photos)

Will H
Will H(aka Hicks) is a former nightclub bouncer who's seen, heard, and done it ALL!, and has been featured and interviewed in various products, including our very own "The Art of the Pickup" DVD set.

We first met Will years ago on a trip to NYC, after hearing about him through an interview by a trusted friend. From the get-go, we knew this guy had serious game, as we witnessed him draw ot the attention of a variety of women in the environment. Will's approach can be considered a natural style but, if you didn't know, you wouldn't realize that he has an actual repeatable method to his success, that you can learn from him personally.

Will H offers personal coaching through his venture, "You Are So In My Way" (which happens to be a common catchphrase of how he meets women - find out the details of that at the seminar!).

Will H. is likely no stranger to any of us. Inarguably one of the most engaging personalities in the world of men's dating advice, Will has long been a standard guest in David DeAngelo's live seminars and advanced series programs. When Will shows up, the party gets started. Now, in what is perhaps the most anticipated interview ever from a man who grants all too few of them, Will literally pours out every single one of his secrets of being the charming yet mysterious man he coined as "charasmistic" during this audio program. And rest assured, I squeezed out every single bit of practical, transferable information I could from him. That way, you are sure to take away some very practical steps for, make that dramatically transforming your own charming presence with women. What I appreciated most from this action-packed interview was how Will made it blatantly obvious that literally any man can improve his level of charisma without having to at all sell out his true, authentic personality. Amazing information awaits in this program, which also carries the distinct added value of being flat-out hilarious from end-to-end.