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Wayne Ross's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Wayne Ross

Wayne Ross in his own words:

Nearly a dozen years ago I was divorced, thrown into the singles world, and totally unprepared for living the singles life. I was 30 years old at the time and had no idea on how to meet and date beautiful girls. For nearly five years I visited singles bars nearly every week, sometimes three and four times a week. I never met a girl in a bar. I tried, I really tried. I went up to hundreds of girls during that time and was rejected by nearly all of them. A few would dance with me but that's about all. None would give me their phone number or want to date me. I was completely unhappy and miserable and quite willing to admit defeat.

Someone told me about personal ads and how they helped him to meet women. I decided to try too. I gave up the bar scene and devoted 100% to the personal ads. I met many girls through the personals and even wrote two manuals about them. You may have one or both of them. For five years I never went to a bar and stayed with personal ads.

But after a period of a time I missed the dancing and music of the bar scene. I knew that many very good-looking girls went to the singles bars. I decided to try again, after all I met many girls through personals and I should have more confidence that would help me in the singles bars. I would try the following Friday night.

That Friday night I went to the Holiday Inn, a place I knew would be filled with sexy looking girls. I was right! There were all kinds of pretty women all over the place. But a strange thing took place. My feet froze to the floor. I could not gather enough courage to even approach one girl. I was a complete washout in a bar. I stayed nearly all night, holding up the wall and staring at all the beautiful women that were there. I went home completely miserable that night.

I decided to try again the next night. This time I would ask some of the girls to dance, one or two had to say yes. After a couple drinks I got a little braver and asked ten girls to dance that night. Every one of them said no. I was shocked. I went into the rest room and looked into the mirror. I saw a 42 year-old balding man with a pot belly. The women must have laughed at me when I asked them to dance. I felt worse than I had ever felt in my entire life and went home dejected and unhappy.

After a few days I stopped feeling sorry for myself and knew there had to be a way for average looking guys to meet good looking girls in bars. I was determined to find out. I owed it to myself and also to the many guys who wrote to me pleading to tell them how to meet the beauties they saw weekly in the bars. So, without making you wait any longer here's it is. Also please note that I tend to write run-on sentences...but it's the information that counts!

Below you'll find all 3 books, my own confidential letters, the bonus reports, and my home phone number.

Warmly, Wayne Ross