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Vince Lynch's Biography(Photos)

Vince Lynch
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During his teens an innovator of the 'Street Hypnosis' Movement, he's well known for teaching thousands of students 'impromptu hypnosis' for dramatic performance. As a London Based Pickup instructor, experience Vince teaches ways of gaining attention and using compliance-testing and building responsiveness for 'how to pick up girls'.

Vince describes his first time out in a club "I was fourteen, me and my friends didn't really have a place to go for months on end, no one asked where we were, so we got bored and snuck into a club... I didn't know what the rules were, but I just knew that people were responding to each other in the club... I really didn't expect to kiss close 13 girls that night, but I did and that continued until I got deeply involved in street hypnosis 5 years later" '

Vince Lynch became one of the innovators of the 'Street Hypnosis' movement, he began back working 'Derren Brown' routines using hypnosis as the method during his teens. He has helped coach thousands of magicians, hypnotherapists about how to perform hypnosis quickly and covertly. When I Joined the Pick up Community in 2007-8, I re-entered, with open eyes, I wanted to understand what I was previously doing as a natural.

Vince currently teaches how to gain attention in a club, and escalate compliance in ordered to close girls. He calls this a structured-natural approach to game. In 2010 Vince completed a book called 'Sexual Capitalism' it's a structure for using covert hypnosis in a fluid natural way to increase your persuasive sexuality.

Vince Lynch's Quotes:

Wouldn't it be great if a girl could just be pointed out, and she would instantly fancy you" Is something that I hear myself say, and others say all the time. The truth is, by saying that it makes it sound as if it's really tricky to do that, as if the secret method to do that hasn't been uncovered yet. Newsflash; if a girl isn't going out with someone, there's no reason other than her preconceptions about what she wants from a guy, or about how much time she has that could get in the way. If she feels all the bodily feelings, and situational factors that makes her believe that she should get with you, then she has no reason not to. Providing you frame the experience so she only sees all the reasons why it's going to happen, why it's on, and doesn't bring up the frames as to why it's not going to happen, then she'll get with you."

"The main problem with pick up, is simple, girls in nightclubs don't know who to pick to elope with. They have too many guys competing for their attention. So the solution from certain members of the PUA community is to isolate the target, which is to say to take them somewhere quiet and speak to them. Before you expect to escalate with someone you need formal or informal agreement from the agent to engage in this process of complying with your basic instructions. Without a properly set up agent, i.e. you've clearly got their attention for a while, then pick up like hypnosis is impossible at this stage."