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Tux's Biography

While touring major cities in America, Europe, and Australia with Real Social Dynamics, Tux developed a strong friendship with the Management and Executive Coaches at Real Social Dynamics. He shared a passion for beautiful women and the love for the game of attracting them.

From the training with Real Social Dynamics, and through a strong natural talent to attract gorgeous women, Tux demonstrated an uncanny ability to both teach and demonstrate his consistent skills of captivating the minds and bodies of some of the hottest women around the globe.

After touring the globe as the wingman to Hoobie and other Executive Coaches, Tux was invited to become a Real Social Dynamics Executive Coach.

"Tux was very good at pushing me open sets, and then telling me what I did wrong or what I need to improve. I started to open sets almost as soon as we arrived, but I got blown out of a lot of sets. My sticking points are voice, frame control, facial expressions, and being more dominant.

Also, I need to initiate kino at some point in the interaction. Having people who know what they're doing watching me and coaching me makes a difference in that I can learn what I need to do more and what I need to avoid."

- Aloysius W. of Sydney, Australia