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Troy Dizon's Biography(Photos)

Troy Dizon
Real Name: Troy Dizon Affiliation: Troy Dizon Dating (TDD)
Website: http://troydizon,com/,

Troy Dizon is a former Charisma Arts instructor who started up his own pickup company, dubbed Troy Dizon Dating, that focuses on lifestyle design and natural game.

Troy Dizon founded Troy Dating Dating around 2006. Troy has had success with women early on in his life. He taught at Charisma Arts prior to starting his own pickup company. His marketing strays from the conventional PUA forums and instead he focuses on word of mouth marketing and opening offices in major cities in Asia. Troy is a results-oriented coach, often conveying strong natural game and confidence and also commanding strong dance floor game. Originally form the Philippines, Troy currently resides in Texas and travels often to coach his clients around the world.

By 21, Troy Dizon was always getting in trouble for having multiple relationships all the time, he had achieved a dating and social life that most men his age could only dream of. He had an amazing harem of women, and whenever he went, he had such a high-level of awareness of what it took to attract any woman.

In 2003, Troy taught his first workshop, which was a mere $25, to a group of guys he initially met in Texas. One by one those guys succeeded, and people started flying to Texas to meet him. Without any type of internet marketing or association to the book "The Game" or any Pick Up Artist, Troy successfully taught close to 30-35 individual boot camps that year, with resounding results that launched him to the world stage of dating coaches.

Until today, the same people who support him wholeheartedly have all been his happy clients through the years. Troy believes in the 24/7 Attractive Man, a definition for the type of man who is attractive anytime and anywhere and the system Troy created, called the TDD Success System, is followed by men worldwide.

Troy Dizon Quotes

On the dance floor, you must be 100% congruent. Not 98%, not 99%. 100%.
Take a look around the club right now. Can you feel the vibration and energy of this venue? See the girls by the bar? Their buying temperature is very high. If you approach them right now they WILL dance with you. (Another guy enters set, and girls respond). See. There's a regular guy who opened them at the right time. Always follow the energy. As a matter of fact, your opening line could very well be, "I always follow the good energy and it has led me here!"