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Tony Clink
From a very early age I was puzzled by this: whenever I was interested in a girl, the girl wasn't interested in me. Yet, when the girl finally became interested in me, I was no longer interested in her. Never did I seem to have mutual interest, it was always either one or the other. This became increasingly frustrating as I was growing up so once I was in college, I decided to thoroughly explore the subject. I started reading everything I could on the subject and trying out all kinds of various theories as much as possible. As a result of this, I collected all the knowledge I had gathered into a web page I called "LayGuide - How to Lay Girls Guide" at

And suddenly all hell broke loose. It turned out to be the first such collection of dating, attraction and seduction advice ever compiled on the internet and I was swamped - with praise, questions, and soon enough offers to make it into a book. A few years later the material was condensed into "The Lay Guide", which became an instant bestseller on and in book-stores the world over.

Today I still keep updating the original LayGuide website at with fresh dating tips and strategies. People sometimes ask me aabout the difference between the book and the website. The difference is size - the website contains dozens of times more information than the book. It is like the difference between a booklet and all the volumes of an ecyclopedia. Some have even called the website "The Bible of Seduction". Also unlike the book, the website is constantly updated with new information. So in short - the book is a good concise introduction, good to take along and have with you wherever you go, and the site is for seriously expanded in-depth knowledge.