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Todd's Biography

While Todd finished his final year as an undergraduate university mechanical engineering student at Union College in Albany, New York, he decided to enroll in Real Social Dynamics Live Programs.

After participating in several Real Social Dynamics programs, Todd took time off from university to move into the Project Hollywood Mansion, and he soon proved he was a "mack-daddy". Being so dedicated to the company, Todd was given the nickname Xaneus and was invited to enroll in the Executive Coach training program.

As a player in an international amateur soccer league, a skilled martial artist, and avid participant in chess and cross country events, Todd focuses his lifestyle on developing a strong balanced focus between maintaining a high level of health and building strong relationships.

Whether at Hollywood's high society venues, coffee-shops, malls, streets, parties, or restaurants, Todd is always to be found approaching and attracting beautiful women. During Live Programs, Todd is able to demonstrate that he is a leading authority on attraction while being your personal coach and wingman.

With his own unique sense of style and culture from dating beautiful women around the world, he is able to teach students how to develop a powerful image and firm identity at consistently attract gorgeous women, just as he has so successfully been able to do himself.

If clients are interested in learning how to meet and seduce women in the laid-back, socially conscious and diverse social circles of the Bay Area, Instructors will share with you their linear science on how to attract and seduce the women of your dreams.

From being engulfed in the rich culture of Sydney and Melbourne, clients quickly learn how to most effectively convey the attractive qualities of their identity and image to attract gorgeous women.

"It is not often you meet someone who loves to teach and genuinely wants to see you succeed. It was then that my life had changed forever, combined with his dedication and support, my game improved exponentially every week...Witnessing him do sets and get the success he had with women, increased my confidence and installed hope.

He is very knowledge of different venues and environments and always gave valuable feedback that made an impact in field. In addition to having strong inner game, he was also able to apply that knowledge to generate results in the field. By watching him do sets and by noticing his body language I learned tremendously."

- A. S. of Washington D.C., USA