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The Loner's Biography(Photos)

The Loner
Greg Fellows(aka The Loner) appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Hometown: Hollywood, CA Occupation: Real Estate agent Status: Hasn't had a date in 5 years When you see Greg during normal business hours, he is wearing a suit and doing $100,000 Real Estate deals but when he goes home he throws on his "out of style" jeans from the mid 90's and a button up shirt that he got from a thrift store to become into the proclaimed "awkward Geek by night". Making a deal with a millionaire is no sweat but when approaching an attractive woman he breaks into a heavy sweat. Since he is such a good listener women call him to talk about their problems with men not realizing that he could be the man of their dreams if they would just give him a chance. Greg is more comfortable playing online poker then going to a club and buying a girl a drink. He finds himself thinking he knows what women want but in reality he has no clue. Knowing how to read a woman and knowing what to say to her would open up a world he never knew existed. Once he acquires that knowledge there will be nothing to stop this awkward geek in finding a girl he has only dreamt about.