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The Inner Circle's Biography

The Inner Circle
The Inner Circle (TIC) is an elite group of 10+ individuals, each having his own area of expertise in seduction. When combined as a team, TIC makes up the most promising group of seduction gurus known to man. Through teamwork, we have developed some of the most advanced seduction techniques and systems ever created, and the process by which these new discoveries are tested and refined is exclusive to the Paragon Project. The Inner Circle is the future of seduction.

The Inner Circle quite literally spans the entire globe, and this gives us the ability to ensure that our material will be useable within a variety of different cultures. We have members located on every major habitable continent on the planet, as you can see depicted in the map below:

In addition to being scattered throughout the globe, TIC members speak a variety of languages. As a result of this we can properly communicate with women that other teams of seduction professionals can not, thus giving us even more flexability in the material that we can create as well as widening the range of students that we can properly communicate with. Languages other than English that are spoken and understood by certain members of The Inner Circle include:

Danish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, Dhivehi, Hindhi, Hebrew, Slovene, Dutch, Papiamento, Greek, Afrikaans and Russian.

Our Movement

We are young, refined, vibrant and full of brand new ideas and concepts. TIC members are constantly seeking new, adventurous (at times even precarious) methods of attracting and seducing women by practicing current techniques and altering them slightly in order to receive a different set of results. Through this practice we have succesfully improved many of the skills that are commonly being used in the seductive arts, and have also stumbled upon a wide array of new methods that were previously non-existent within the community.

The underground society of pick up artists (PUAs) and their techniques are currently going through a period of change. The Inner Circle is at the center of these changes, and "The Paragon Project" series of attraction and seduction guides are an accurate record of these changes and a guide to using the new techniques that have come about as a result of The Inner Circle adapting to these modern times.

Although many of the core members of TIC have been students of seduction for many years, we are far from being stuck in our ways and have devoted ourselves to the pursuit of expanding our knowledge and the perfection of this art form that we love. We are fully aware of the changes happening in our world and understand that a change within ourselves, as well as our tactics, will also be necessary. We must adapt and evolve.


Women are quickly catching on to our current methods of picking them up, they are evolving to counter the fact that PUAs have been turning the tables in our favor. What was once easy is becoming increasingly harder, and what was once exclusive to our community is quickly becoming common knowledge to many. Also, due to ever increasing media exposure that certain gurus in the community have been attracting, some women are even becoming aware of the secret society of PUAs that up until recently were only lurking in the shadows.

"Did she just say "kino"?" - Paragon


Yes my brothers, we are in the process of being exposed. The flawless methods of today are quickly becoming yesterday's outdated news. This could easily be viewed as a hindrance, and by many it is, but we at The Inner Circle believe it to be a blessing. It is an opportunity for us to improve, and it comes packaged along with the motivation that we need to adapt to these modern times. It's no secret that this fast-paced world that we live in is changing more rapidly than it ever has before, so in order to keep our heads above water and our game ahead of the rest we must in turn begin to change.

The Inner Circle is where these changes have been triggered, and now that the wheels of evolution have been put into motion they can not be reversed. TIC has banded together not to specifically determine what these changes will be, but rather to recognize them, interpret them, refine them, give them a name and then share them with the rest of the community through the movement known only as The Paragon Project. This gives all of us the opportunity to grow together instead of branching off in different directions as the seduction community has been known to do in the past. Our ultimate goal is to make steady progress as a whole and challenge every out-dated pick up technique along the way, while continually developing new methods of our own that are tailored to replace the old.

Our flagship product "The New Breed" and those that follow will be a chronicle of our progress thus far and an accurate model of the results of our exploits in the modern dating world. The Paragon Project is an ever-changing work in progress and future editions will be released as our knowledge expands and our techniques evolve. TIC will also be constantly changing, as our doors are always open to those willing to dedicate themselves to the project and prove that they have what it takes to become a master of seduction.

If you are interested in participating in the Paragon Project as a Street Team member or even a TIC member, check out our forums.

We are the future. We are the Inner Circle.