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The Girl Best Friend's Biography(Photos)

The Girl Best Friend
Todd Pabst(aka The Girl's Best Friend) appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Age: 26 Hometown: Littleton, CO Occupation: Teller/Server/Student Status: Virgin For years he's been the "best friend," the "emotional outlet" and the "big brother." Todd often finds that being a good listener with a big heart lands him in the supportive role, but keeps him longing for more than being called "sweet" and "nice." Although social and outgoing around familiar faces, he's often quiet and reserved in the midst of beautiful strangers. Both of his jobs place him in the public where he is in constant interaction with new people but he rarely goes beyond the benign exchange of small talk and general pleasantries that are expected of him. Todd is an aspiring firefighter and is more comfortable fighting an unpredictable blaze than approaching a woman for the first time. In fact when he does approach strange women he finds himself not only worrying about what to say or do but also what to say or do next. Thus, his insecurities and awkwardness stem primarily from imaginary problems that may or may not come into existence. It will take the Pick Up Artist to show Todd that these problems are in fact imaginary, and he will fare just fine once he sheds these fears.