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The Approach
theApproach's World-Class Small Group Workshops represent the highest level of integrity when it comes to live pick-up, seduction and dating instruction. The StandardTM has proven itself time and time again with the remarkable success of every client who completes the training. theApproach live program consists of small-group classroom style seminars and in-field workshops. The seminars are designed to be highly personalized and interactive. Therefore both workshop and seminar space is limited, which allows you the greatest opportunity to get personalized attention and make major and paradigm-shifting changes and realizations.

Seminars are taught exclusively by theApproach founders Vincent DiCarlo and Sebastian Drake. Spend an upwards of 30-35 hours with two of the top recognized pickup gurus in the world. Their teaching methods are just as refined as their skills with women, and they continue to develop and systematize them further, night after night. theApproach programs zero in and focus on each student to determine what your inherent personality traits are and develop them in the most attractive way possible. In addition, you will receive highly constructive feedback in order to address those things that are currently holding you back from your desired success.

Not only will we provide you with the neccessary tools for the tricky situations and challenges you will encounter, but we will improve your attitude and mindsets using interactive exercises which streamline your thought patterns, destroy negative thinking and eliminate self-imposed limitations.