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Tara's Biography(Photos)

Tara appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Don't let her innocent look fool you... Tara is one fierce lady to be reckoned with! Viewers may remember Tara from Season 1 giving kissing tips and strutting around in sexy lingerie, but if you think she is just another pretty face then you have another thing coming!

Raised in the rugged mountain town of Taos, New Mexico, this adventurous world-traveler is anything but innocent. As an aspiring actress, avid writer, and relationship expert, Tara has gained the maturity and perspective of a seasoned pro. Her ability to convey a down-to-earth vibe, goofy humor, and genuine heart can put the most "woman-repellent" student at ease.

Tara is fascinated with the human condition, so when she was introduced to the world of the pick-up artist in Season 1 she was instantly hooked. Within a year she met with top pick-up instructors from around the world, and studied their different methods. Tara has combined this secret knowledge with her own personal experience to develop a unique way for her students to skillfully interact with even the most desirable of women.

In Season 2, Tara expands her role by adding an irreplaceable female perspective as well as being a confidant for the loveable, but lost contestants. With her heartwarming compassion and true dedication, Tara gives the guys an inside edge that only a true pick-up woman can!