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Street Kid's Biography(Photos)

Street Kid
Alias: Street Kid Alex Real Name: Alex Occupation: Medical Student Place Of Birth: London

Physical Attributes

Height: 5 1/2 ft Weight: 60kg Build: Medium Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Black

As he grew up, Alex would begin a journey that would take him from the wild Latin gypsies of deepest Spain, through 4 years of medical school, to street charity work, then into the heart of London's exclusive club-scene, and now back onto the street dedicating himself to pickup, all the while becoming an expert at seducing profanely beautiful women, a specialist in street-kissing and a daygame expert.

Being the free-spirited bohemian that he is, he loves to kiss girls as quickly as possible, often kissing within the first five minutes of meeting a beautiful woman. This kind of high-end knowledge took him many years to learn, but Alex can now teach students how to master these techniques in short amounts of time.

Alex believes that a boy who has learnt from nature, from the animals, and has immersed himself in other passions... a love of life, other cultures and creativity, will do far better than a boy who spends all his time theorising about pickup, and Alex's style is based on a playful curiosity about life and the beautiful females he likes to seduce...

His free-spirited nature allows him to transcend the normal constraints of society, and to approach and seduce whoever he wants using playful innocence, curiosity, love, and spirit nature, whilst exploring the urban backwaters of deepest London with his friends and students. When Alex is teaching, he always likes to bring about tremendous changes in clients - whatever you think your issue is, trust us, Alex has seen it before, and he knows how to help you overcome it.

It's been a phenomenal and inspiring journey for street-kid Alex, and he is now exploring deeper realms of hypnosis, NLP and energy chakras... and stuff he learnt from the gypsies!

What Girls Are Saying

Lying next to a hot Mexican girl he'd f-closed from the street: "You're my perfect stranger..."
"You're different from the other boys..."
"Alex is cool."

A Note From the Trainer

I love seeing students transform before my eyes, and the ones who want it the most inspire me the most