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Steve Williams's Biography(Photos)

Steve Williams
AKA: The Dean Real Name: Steve Williams Affiliation: The School of Dating Websites:,

A natural player that started teaching men about dating skills before the rise of the pickup artists in the late 90's as the internet facilitated worldwide communication and dissemination of dating skills.

Steve "The Dean" Williams. As a regular Date Coach and Relationship Advisor on FM102.7 CFRO station, Steve believes that you're never too young or too old to learn. As of today, his Dating4men's podcast show has listeners in 60+ countries worldwide.

Steve Dean Williams is a training insect scout. He has been teaching since 1988. The philosophy behind what Steve teaches is that every guy needs four things to become a be a true man is:

Knowledge of self: Steve believes you should never lie manipulate or deceive a woman to get her in bed. And if anyone doesn't understand the importance of self-worth then they will always fail when it comes to women. Steve believes in life you are either a hunter or prey when it comes to dating.

Knowledge of women: Steve believes that if you don't know what you are hunting, then you will always become prey or (a A.T.M)Steve believes in life you are either a hunter or pray when it comes to meeting and talking to women

Knowledge of dating: Steve he's been dating has nothing to do with getting a phone number. And if you did not lead to a woman then your date will end up in disaster.

Knowledge of sex: Steve believes the highest form of confidence is sexual confidence. If you do not know how to beat that pussy up in the bedroom you would never have the woman sell you to her girlfriends.

Steve Quotes

Just because you came from a pussy, doesn't mean you have to act like one