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Steve Scott's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Steve Scott
Hey there! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steve Scott and up until recently I had big problems with woman. At one point in my life, I was a complete loser when it came to talking to women. No matter how hard I tried, I could never make them interested. It was like I was wearing a magical "girl repellent" that only women could see.

What made it even worse was my stuttering problem. Whenever I got nervous around women (which was 99.99% of the time), I would literally fight for words, trying to make ANYTHING come out. The worst feeling was not the rejection. It was that look of pity that would cross their eyes as I stammered like an idiot.

In the last few years, I've practiced and perfected my conversation skills. In fact, I've 'field-tested' dozens of theories about how to attract women and had thousands of conversations.

My goal now is to help you "create the PUA Lifestyle." I feel a lot has been written about how to pickup girls and pickup artists. And there's a ton of information on the concept of PUA.

However, I haven't found many blogs that concentrate solely on how to design you life in PUA LifeStyle.

I love running an online PUA business, but I also enjoy living life to the fullest. With my blog, I combine both these passions and will (hopefully) show you how to create the same amount of success in your own life.

For more about my "PUA Lifestyle," take a look at my books, which is full of detailed information about how build a PUA LifeStyle.

As I said before, the theme of my books is the "PUA Lifestyle." Money is great and all. But I think it's not as important as creating the life that YOU want to live. The greatest thing about an PUA Lifestyle is the flexibility to do things on YOUR terms.

Don't believe me? Well, I just spent seven months traveling through Europe in 2010 (from April to November.) I literally lived the PUA Lifestyle where I bounced from one city to the next. During this time, each week I pickup averaged 5 girls. This experience validated all the notions I had about being able to work hard, travel the world, and do what you want to do.