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Steve Celeste's Biography(Photos)

Steve Celeste
Toecutter (aka Steve Celeste) is originally from Australia and is a known PUA in the community.

Steve is considered one of the pioneers in the PUA community. Although not one of the best public speakers out there, he is by far one of the most knowledgeable and opinionated guys in the community. He spoke about meeting girls in your social circle and turning them into romantic relationships. One of the more interesting things he stated was that people express their emotions and feelings on their face rather than verbally (meaning don't necessarily listen to what a girl is saying, but actually observe her face as she says it).

Celeste told the audience to embrace a continuing interaction with a girl. He also stated that if a woman knows you're not judging her sexuality, you'll probably get a lot more out of her on that front (I can vouch for that). In closing, he encouraged the men in the audience to learn how to be playful and keep working on your flirting skills. If you can capture the essence of what he is claiming, you will have a lot more success with the opposite sex.