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Steve Andreas's Biography

Steve Andreas
Steve Andreas, born John O. Stevens, is an American psychotherapist and author specializing in Neuro-linguistic programming. Since 1979, Steve and his partner Connirae Andreas have edited and published a number of titles on the subject. They are best known in the field for their annotated transcripts of a variety of early NLP seminars.

Steve is the son of Barry Stevens, a writer and well-known gestalt therapist. Steve Andreas founded Real People Press, a publisher of works on psychology and personal change in 1967, in order to publish a book by Carl Rogers and Barry Stevens entitled "Person to Person".

Steve Andreas worked as a chemist until 1958, then went to graduate school at Brandeis University under Abraham Maslow for two years, receiving an MA in psychology. After working as a chemist again for a year, he got a junior college teaching credential, and taught psychology and social science at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill CA for 7 years. He was introduced to Gestalt therapy in 1967, and edited Fritz Perls books, "Gestalt Therapy Verbatim" and "In and Out the Garbage Pail", and wrote "Awareness", a book of exercises based on Gestalt Therapy in 1971. He became interested in Neuro-linguistic programming in 1977. and has been active in the field ever since.

In 1979 Steve and Connirae established NLP of Colorado, now known as NLP Comprehensive, to develop the training arm of their business. They transferred ownership of to Tom Dotz in 1998. Steve continues to train for NLP Comprehensive in their Summer Residential Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings, and NLP Comprehensive carries many of Steve and Connirae's DVDs and CD demonstrations of NLP. They continue to own, and publish new books in the field.