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Stephen Nash's Biography(Photos)

Stephen Nash
Stephen Nash, as a one-time resident of the legendary "Project Hollywood", has had the opportunity to be literally immersed in the underground community of pickup artists at the very highest level. He has gone from personal heartbreak to a wildly successful pickup game and has now come full-circle in his life--enjoying the company of the greatest woman he has ever met. In this strikingly frank discussion with one of the world's most respected seduction coaches, you'll find out why a man of truly impeccable character must indeed have genuine skills in both pickup and seduction. You'll also learn--once and for all--the powerful secrets of getting that handled in your life without compromising your integrity at the hands of trickery and "quick fixes". At last...practical steps to effective pickup and seduction for guys who desire quality women. You are guaranteed to have never, ever heard anything remotely like what awaits you in this discussion, and what you hear may free you from the invisible chains that bind great men all over the world.

Stephen Nash is the founder of Cutting Edge Image Consulting. He is an Original Pick-up Artist and a well documented expert. Stephen has worked with thousands of clients, and is the author of the best-selling How To Get a Girlfriend.