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Spoon's Biography(Photos)

Spoon (aka Stephen) was the first to be elliminated on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Age: 27 Occupation: Graphic Designer

Stephen prefers to be known as Spoon -- S (Stephen) + Poon (his last name) = Spoon. Spoon views himself as a typical Asian guy--short, technologically advanced and fluent in Chinese. Spoon is very definitive of his likes and dislikes. For example, Spoon loves his scooter, which he has named Emily. He is extremely proud of his scooter, although it is not running at the moment, and has recently purchased a Japanese helmet to wear on his scooter because it resembles a Star Wars helmet. He gets very energized when discussing one of his favorite hobbies, laser shock tag. Spoon is also a high warlord, level 60 in his WOW video game. He has 80,000 honor kills and will brag about the fact that he is the best warrior on his server. Then there are the dislikes; there are three main things that he is scared of, dark places, spiders and approaching women. Spoon is quirky and sweet and has a very unique viewpoint on all subjects. He is constantly entertaining and his thoughts roll out of his mouth with no filter. His mission is to be as comfortable around women as he is when he is a high warlord.