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Real Name: Jonathan Lee Affiliation: Sinns of Attraction Website:

Jonathan Lee was lead instructor for Mystery Method Inc, former Love Systems instructor who has gone on to create his own company, and is consistently ranked one of the top PUAs in the industry. Sinn was a Ex-Mystery student and also taught as a master instructor for Love Systems before branching out on his own with Sinns of Attraction. Sinn specializes in same night game, and has also recently branched out to offer long term coaching for his students. He keeps an ongoing blog at Sinns of Attraction and often posts videos of himself on YouTube.

Next to him was a shorter, intense-looking character who introduced himself as Mystery's wing, Sin. He wore a form-fitting black crew neck shirt, and his hair was pitch black and gelled straight back. He had the complexion, however, of a man whose natural hair color is red. - Strauss, Neil. The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. 1st ed. 2005. p.17.

Sinn is widely regarded as one of the best pickup artists in the world. As a teenager, he was known in his social group for his spectacular failures with women. In fact he didn't even lose his virginity until he found our community.

Sinn had been the lead instructor for a top dating science company for 3 years. He's taught more bootcamps than any other instructor we know, and even trained guys who have gone on to become instructors at many major dating science companies.

Sin is an enigma... quite possibly the last real enigmas in "the game". The tales of his exploits and legendary status seem almost mythical now in retrospect. I must be honest, I have been in this little community of ours for about as long as it has been around and even I have heard stories circulated that there never really was a guy named "Sin" that used to wing with Mystery. Rumors abounded that Sin was one of Neil Strauss' many uses of creative licenses employed while writing "The Game".

Sinn is known for his hard nosed style and take no excuses approach to teaching. He is a nondenominational teacher, which means that he subscribes to no particular method and blends the best of every school of seduction to create the best possible results for himself and his students.

He's best known for teaching a certain set of skills, namely: Same Night Lay game, Day game, and Breakthrough Comfort.

Sinn currently runs his own pickup company, The Sinns of Attraction which offers live, phone and email training.

Sinn Quotes

You open and instantly the girls are into you then you are dogmatic and neg(IOD) them. In an instant the interaction goes sour. Why?

Because you have established negative compliance momentum. You punished them for good behavior. This is why you guys are blowing yourselves out with lower quality girls and nicer girls. 10s will not usually want to talk to you off the opener ( read low compliance to your opener) So to establish compliance we IOD.

However if you already have compliance you are in comfort. Comfort is simply a higher threshold of compliance. If I walk up to one of my G/Fs and I kiss her she will not only let me she will pull me in and kiss me harder. Why?

Because we have a high level of compliance. However I have almost no chance of walking up to a stranger and doing this. Comfort is not only trust and time it is also compliance.