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Simeon's Biography(Photos)

VA Coach/Winner of VH1's The Pick-Up Artist

Simeon Moses' transformation into a Master Pickup Artist was a long journey 28 years in the making. After struggling for years with women throughout high school, college and beyond he began to give up on having women in his life. Luckily, fate stepped in and gave him the nudge he needed to make one of the most radical and amazing transformations in the pickup community. Thanks to Vh1's The Pickup Artist Simeon got a one-month super intensive course in the Venusian Arts by the top pickup artists in the world Mystery, Matador, Lovedrop and their company's coaches Knack and Hawaii.

Through his dedication towards self-transformation Simeon was awarded the title "Master Pickup Artist" and the medallion signifying this achievement. Since winning the show, $50,000 cash and the chance to further his training with Mystery and Matador, Simeon has flourished and continues the everlasting journey of improvements in the pickup arts. Now he has chosen to give value to others by teaching the arts that have so dramatically transformed his life so that others may share in the enjoyment that pickup creates through the rigorous but rewarding journey of pickup artist training provides.