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Shawn Casey's Biography

Shawn Casey
Shawn Casey is a self-appointed marketing expert who is best known for his book titled "Mining Gold on the Internet." And while he brings up some valid points, the principles being teached leave a great deal of room for headaches.

In his teachings, he's basically showing other's how to be a reseller of his product. While this is a concept we certainly endorse, it falls short because of the freedom of the affiliates to cast Shawn Casey's name in a negative light, due to spamming.

For example, you may have received (like I have) junk emails on how Shawn Casey can show you how to make $1000 in a 15-day period. This type of statement loses credibility when it's been spammed to you time and again.

While Shawn may not be the one spamming, assuming it was one of his affiliates, that fact that is occuring so often suggests that Shawn doesn't have a strict anti-spamming policy, and may possibly even condone it.

The bottom line is that companies that have strict affiliate "don't spam or your account will be terminated" policies, don't appear in spam emails, because the affiliate knows they won't get paid.

But since Shawn Casey's name keeps reappearing in unsolicited emails, it appears very suspicious.

Once again, some of Sean Casey's teachings are legitimate, but nothing mind shattering or cutting edge. If not for all the spam, we'd give a neutral review of Shawn Casey, and assuming he doesn't endorse spam, we'll go ahead and keep a neutral position. But by no means can we recommend him, since there are certainly better and easier ways to go about making money online, than with Shawn Casey's "Mining Gold on the Internet" techniques.