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Shaun Michael Adams
Rip Off Discovery PUA, Aka Shaun Michael Adams, Blames ME For Not Giving His Customer A Refund!

Wow. Just wow.

I have met some deluded and twisted people in my journeys. But Shaun Michael Adams, AKA Discovery PUA of Venusian Arts is really taking the proverbial cake.

Not only did Shaun viciously threaten a student of his in an effort to collect a debt. Shaun jerked him around for weeks promising to find a resolution and do at least a partial refund.

So what did Shaun give as his reason for NOT refunding Chris Flack's money?

Quote, "I don't want Ross Jeffries to win".

Wow. Just wow. Shaun, you blame your refusal to be honorable and do the right thing on ME?

Shaun, when you do the right thing and give a refund, YOU are the winner. You restore your integrity in your own eyes(that is assuming of course that you had any integrity to begin with) and in the eyes of your public.

Don't want me to win? Shaun Michael Adams, aka Discovery PUA of Venusian Arts, I have not even started with you yet.

Give the guy his refund. Salvage your reputation. Do the right thing.


P.S. Next up I'm going to publish the email you sent to me and several other pick up companies proposing a standard of conduct and business practices for the PUA/Seduction community. You remember that email, don't you, you scummy hypocrite. Then I'll publish your emails to me about coming to speak at your big summit and how you told me I'd have to stop talking about you on my blog. And how I told you to shove it up your ass.