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Scott Davidson's Biography(Photos)

Scott Davidson
Scott appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Age: 26 Occupation: Laboratory Manager

Scott is incredibly intellectual, lovable and quirky! From his facial ticks and fascinating, expressive eyebrows to his invented curse word "Frasen!" and unique game design hobbies he is the definitive geek. He actually uses phrases such as "oh jeez" and "dag nabit" in his everyday vernacular. He prides himself on not liking soda and in his free time he likes to rewrite, literally rewrite as he does not know how to program, Dungeons and Dragons from a level based system to a point based system. Scott is concerned that he will remain in his bachelor phase of life forever. He is in one of the largest singles markets in the country and is unable to even approach a woman, as he puts it, "in a target rich environment" and he is a failure. One of the many problems that Scott faces is that he finds it very difficult to ask anyone to do anything for him. This puts him in quite a pickle when it comes to asking women out and part of the reason he just does not. He says that he tries, almost gets to the point of asking someone out and then completely chickens out. He is a self-described coward with women and Scott knows he is behind the curve on anything related to women, thus putting him at a distinct disadvantage. In addition, Scott is a virgin. Scott's living his life on the edge means he always remains on the outside of any organization or group he is a part of, including groups of friends. Scott's objective is simple; he just wants to be able to ask a woman out.