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Sam's Biography

After winging with Tyler, and demonstrating his field skills as his wingman, Sam moved into Project Hollywood Mansion to join the Executive Coaches for daily field training. During the next few months, Sam traveled with Real Social Dynamics throughout Canada and the United States on Live Programs.

While training with Real Social Dynamics, Sam studied every dating guru and every seduction book in the Real Social Dynamics Trainers' library. In addition, he went out to pickup girls for every day for several months and recorded field reports of his successes and sticking points.

He then traveled around the world to meet, wing, and train with every Real Social Dynamics Executive Coach in the company. Each instructor evaluating his skills and, after his hard discipline and passion for building a skillset, Sam became a Real Social Dynamics Executive Coach.

His ability to demonstrate and teach clients how to approach, meet, and attract women in streets, bars, and other public places has helped clients transform their social lives and meet many attractive women. He also has a natural skillset to make clients comfortable and at ease in every social interaction with beautiful women.

"Sam is an excellent instructor, who is great in voice tone and body language. The bootcamp was very professional and gave amazing information. Last night, in the beginning, I had a couple of bad sets and it brought my game down; however, I woke up this morning and made 8 cold approaches and got a [hot girl's] email address.

The best part is that I can now approach any woman. I have no fears. This is what I wanted. Thanks!"

- Kenneth S. from Anaheim, CA, USA