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Saad's Biography

Saad is a former Real Social Dynamics Bootcamp client that took a program with Jeffy in 2005. After gaining valuable experience with the RSD program, he decided to fine tune his skills and take a second RSD Bootcamp with Tyler. During that time he impressed the RSD staff with his skills in attraction and dating beautiful women.

Saad was brought onboard as an intern, and later became an RSD Nation moderator. After attending several live programs, he joined RSD on an Executive Retreat in Aspen, Colorado. Even though he grew up in New Orleans, Saad relocated to New York for University where he studied Philosophy.

Saad's true passions lie in theater, travel, and the art and science of social dynamics. He is somebody that has a unique ability to attract women in common day-to-day scenarios like book stores and coffee shops.

Today he takes clients out in the field to learn how to pickup and attract beautiful women in the day time. He also goes out to the top night-life venues in North America, Europe, and Australia. He is a master at adapting to the cultural differences of various global regions.

Although Saad grew up in a deeply conservative Southern environment (he still has a bit of Southern grace and charm), he also has a very in-depth knowledge and proficiency in attracting sophisticated women that you see in major metropolitan cities like New York.

Clients say that Saad is someone with a exceptional ability to relate, breakdown, critique, and create solutions for client's sticking points because he is somebody that has been in their shoes before.

"It only took a split second of being in Saad's presence to realize that this guy was the real deal. Also, one thing I know is that it is not the teacher that makes the student successful; it is the student's choice to use the information and instruction given to him as a vehicle to his success. These guys know their stuff, you just need to be willing to check your ego at the door and do what you are told, and give it 100%.

- Davey T. Los Angeles, California, USA

"One of Saad's first pieces of advice was to stop gaming". I took that to mean stop reaction seeking, being a dancing monkey, trying to pull off pimp body-language and button push. That said, I've never been one for canned lines and routines...always seemed not quite right to me. So the goal was to go in and be totally myself, non-reaction seeking and non-outcome dependent - just be genuine guy. This would show through my communication and later lead to better hooking of sets.

- J. R. from Gold Coast, Australia

"It was interesting to watch Saad in action, as he sized up the venue, and different sets for us to approach. Most of the sets are a blur, and I reckon I approached around 15-20, all told. And most, I got to the hook point, where they were interested in me. Saad gave me great feedback.

- T. from Gold Coast, Australia