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Ryan's Biography

Ryan randomly met RSD Coach Jeffy at a London night club several years ago and asked him for advice about how to attract a particular girl. That small bit of advice Jeffy gave him lead to Ryan's success with the girl and many other beautiful women as well. One year after this encounter, Ryan was browsing prospective roommates and apartments online in the San Francisco area. By sheer coincidence, RSD Coach Jeffy was one of the advertisements that Ryan followed up with and later toured.

Jeffy became impressed with Ryan and invited him to be his roommate. Over the next couple of years, Ryan was taught the intricacies of attraction and dating while going out night after night with Jeffy as his personal wingman.

After graduating from a university, Ryan worked for an internet start-up company in the Bay Area. However, he found that his true passion was self-discovery, travel, and dating beautiful women while spending time alongside Jeffy at every corner of the globe. He impressed the rest of the RSD Instructor Staff so much that Tyler invited him to embark on an intensive world-wide Executive Coach training program.

Today he still travels the world, but as an official RSD Executive Coach throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. He has a contagious passion for the dynamics of attraction and infectious charisma that allows clients to achieve the results they want and beyond with the women they desire.

"I was VERY happy with Ryan and didn't care that my requested instructor Tim was put with other clients. Ryan was a very hands-on instructor. He was always there, watching, pushing, helping out. I was very happy and felt so fortunate that he was there. He has a great story of going from a total the dude who on the 3rd day of our Bootcamp got a handjob in the corner of the club from a total hottie (It would've been more but her friends found them and stopped the debauchery).

- J.S. from Chicago, Illinois

"Ryan's presence in his demo sets are the best thing about him. He is so calm, so chill, and all the people around him just enjoy his energy. This guy was on fire but he wasn't blazing. It was like watching a wood fire in the hearth, rhythmic and serene, yet full of "spark".

- B. from Melbourne, Australia

"Yeah, Ryan's a great instructor as I had him for my Los Angeles bootcamp April 10-12. What I noticed about him is that he would break down your game very precisely and give you detailed individual feedback like no other. The interactions he demo'd to us seemed very chilled and laid back, as if the only natural course of the interaction with the girl was for it to move forward in a smooth progression. I've since attempted to adopt this mentality and attitude towards pickup in general.

- R.L. of Los Angeles, California, USA