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Ryan Jaunzemis's Biography(Photos)

Ryan Jaunzemis
Real Name: Ryan Jaunzemis Affiliation: None/Independent Website: /

Ryan Jaunzemis is a well known PUA instructor from the Las Vegas scene. He is the founder of the Las Vegas Lair and runs his own coaching company called "Take Her Home Tonight".

Ryan Jaunzemis aka "Las Vegas' Most Aggressive Dating & Seduction Coach" is a one of the newest PUGs rising in the community today. He originally started by raising what was left of the Las Vegas Seduction Community up from the ashes and formed "The Las Vegas Lair".

Initially the group was made as a social augmentation where all the PUAs in the Vegas Seduction Community would be able to meet-up, trade tips and tricks on building attraction and join together as wingmen to augment each other's success' during Sarging sessions. Unlike other "Lairs" which Ryan found to be more like online forums this new Lair was more of an active Sarge crew, and soon the group would grow to over 100 active members.

Being a master at the Venusian Arts (Direct & Indirect game) while combining the use and teachings of The Secret Law of Attraction along with the use of technology and covert listening devices and several other original elements Ryan has created a unique style of game and has coined the phrase "Dark Game"; a tactical style of game using no set rules and doing "whatever it takes" to "make it happen." Even if that "whatever it takes" evolves a lack of the commonly instilled morals, ethics or levels of integrity that are commonly taught and valued throughout the PUA community.

Some would say he's more of a Con-Artist rather than a Pick-up Artist. -"We're badboys, we lie cheat and steal to get the pussy, you gotta do whatever it takes, you have 28,000 days... Game in Las Vegas is different than anywhere else in the world because this is a vacation spot built and founded on the spirit of "Sin."

Ryan Jaunzemis now runs his own coaching company ( and offers private 1 on 1 or group infield coaching and uses tactical covert listening devices and hidden cameras allowing the student more options to win their sets and get this part of their life handled quickly.

Ryan Jaunzemis Quotes

"Dating is not a game, it is a war..."

"Game is my religion..."

"Sex is the only relevant action..."

"It's all about the pussy..."

"This is not a game we're playing fellas, dating is a war. Women are conquests, men are competition and we're fighting for our genetic immortality..."

"If you don't know how attraction works then you're just wasting your time and hers..."

"Monogamy is a modern day tradition; it is not natural for human beings in nature..."

"Remember how the Grinch's heart grew 3 sizes that day? When you train with me, your balls are gonna grow 3 sizes."

"Ladies, quick question, if you guys owned an island, like your own island, what's the first thing you'd do when you got on it?..." - Part I of Ryan's "Island Opener

"Dude you guys are actually hella cool, I'm actually throwing like a bbq pool party next weekend for my friends birthday, you and your friends interested? (Yeah) Are you on Facebook? (Yeah) If I send you a friend request will you accept it? (Yeah) Promise? (Yeah) Pinky promise? (Target complies) Stamp it (Target complies) Double stamp it. (Target complies) Kiss it. (Target complies) Blow it up! (Target complies/Set breaks into laughter while you hug and kiss on Targets cheek and Eject)" - Ryan's Yes-Ladder Facebook Close & Time Bridge Gambit