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Roxana's Biography

Roxana has worked with Hollywood movie studios and theatres in production after getting her masters in business administration in Mexico. While she was in Los Angeles, she met the Real Social Dynamics team. After living and training with the Real Social Dynamics instructors at Project Hollywood Mansion, she was invited to become a coach. Now, Roxana translates RSD programs into Spanish and she is an instructor at Real Social Dynamics bootcamps.

After traveling throughout the United States and Europe with Real Social Dynamics, Roxana developed a strong skillset with coaching others on the dynamics of male and female interactions. During her training, she learned a skillset that would allow her to create and inspire dramatic change in individuals that want to consistently be able to attract the opposite sex.

As part of her North American tour to Hawaii, New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles, Roxana studied and field-tested innovative dating strategies and methods. These techniques combined with her skills of an elegant and persuasive businesswomen, and a producer for a theatre company, make Roxana one of the world's most stunning experts on attraction.

Now, after meeting and working with the top dating coaches and executive coaches in North America, Europe, and Canada, Roxana lives with Tyler. Tyler has trained Roxana into one of RSD's respected instructors. Roxana trains clients during Real Social Dynamics Bootcamps regularly. Her vast experience, passion, and talent give her programs a cutting-edge.

As a personal coach, Roxana also has a special ability to also work with clients deepest confidence and personal issues. Her ability to see right through a client and transform a client's sticking points into strengths give her the ability to quickly change their mindsets and skillsets.

"Roxanna's a tall, slim Mexican, who wears a low-cut top and cut-away denims. It's a look that undoubtedly gives us novice pick-up students kudos when making our cold approaches. Roxanna is always there right behind me whispering in my ear: "Stop moving so much... Look, she's interested... Tell another story... Okay, leave now. Before the seminar, most seemed incapable of stringing two sentences together in front of a woman they fancied. I feel high, I feel powerful. I feel ridiculously excited. I can see that this is really going to make a difference to my dating life. Even without the alluring Roxanna by my side to bully me into the initial approach, I've continued to live by the rules. I've had four dates in the last two weeks, one with a particularly stunning lawyer who I'm seeing again. The course has taught me a valuable truth: you must always make the move. Live by that diktat and you won't regret it. "

- Frank Elson of London, United Kingdom