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Robert Martin's Biography

Robert Martin
Robert Martin has not simply managed to luck out by dating a starlet or two along the way. Rather, he has been able to repeatedly date some of the hottest and most desirable women in Hollywood, including soap opera actresses and even full-on A-list movie stars. Amazingly, Robert has demonstrated an ability to not only attract such women but to date them long-term when he has chosen to do so. In this program, Robert lifts the veil and shows us the secrets to approaching, attracting and even building relationships with exactly those women whom most guys believe are the most unapproachable of all. Think you don't have a chance at this sort of lifestyle? Think again.

Robert also joined me for a second full-length discussionon how to absolutely maximize your appearance--even if you aren't "Mr. GQ". Robert is the author of a program that shows us as men how to do the very best with what nature has given us. Surprisingly, that is exactly what most women are looking for from a man when it comes to our looks and the extent to which it matters to them. Get ready for specific action steps on how to look and be your best, regardless of your age or body type. It's all in there, covered from every imaginable angle. Get ready to catch the eye of great women everywhere.