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Rex Sikes's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Rex Sikes

Rex Steven Sikes IDEA Seminars Trainer and Founder

Rex Steven Sikes is the "World's First Motivational Mind Reader", a Master Trainer of NLP & DHE, a professional speaker, business consultant, writer and expert in accelerated learning and brain based learning and film maker. He appeared before millions in acting in films and on television and radio in interviews and commentary. His topics include reading minds, intuition, making an impression, creating rapport, body language, and commentary on famous trials and celebrities. On national TV, he has helped a man propose to his girlfriend, demonstrated his ability to read and influence minds, and on a special NBC talk show he assisted a "warring" couple resolve their conflicts and renew their love. He has worked with attorneys in a major trial in the U.S. and can often be heard on TV and radio doling out his expert advice on subjects ranging from business persuasion to love relationships. His knowledge, skill, background, and most importantly his commitment to teaching you make him an experience you will talk about for a lifetime.

Rex began doing public appearances by the age of three, becoming a professional mind reader by eight years old. At fifteen, he joined a church and began doing ministry work taking him to foreign countries. He headed for Hollywood at eighteen where he worked as an actor and stand up comedian. While in California, Rex also studied under eastern religious masters like Rajneesh, Muktananda, Krishnamirti, Satchadynanda and Zen masters.

When Rex discovered NLP in the mid seventies, he was astounded with the practical real world applications. After reading "Frogs into Princes", he was convinced that he was going to make it his lifelong career.

When he is not training with IDEA Seminars, Rex makes personal appearances and does customized business consulting, executive coaching and expert modeling. Some of his clients include attorneys, CEO's, sales managers, personnel managers, small business owners, training personnel, investors, teachers and educational administrators.

How Rex got involved in NLP, in his own words...

"I began my public professional life at the age of three or four when my parents encouraged me in dance and acrobatics. By the age of 8, I had developed a fascination with Houdini and with mental and psychic develpment and began giving public performances. I also developed an interest in hypnosis (later doing stage hypnosis).

"I liked helping people, and I'd missed that while focused on the whole Hollywood scene."

Hypnosis is an interest and exploration I continue to this day. At 15 years, I got involved with youth ministry and evangelism and began a 6 year study of famous preachers, getting to know many leaders and having the opportunity to model their approaches. At 18, in Hollywood, California I made a living doing mind reading presentations and stand up comedy while pursuing a career in the film industry. I have spent most of my life before the public - performing, speaking and teaching.

While I had enjoyed some success in the film and television industry (and learned from the greats themselves) my enthusiasm for the business side of it was waning. I liked helping people, and I'd missed that while focused on the whole Hollywood scene. I missed working with people - my teenage years of ministering to people through the church, running a coffee house and helping people with their lives - so I began to get training in the various therapeutic disciplines of that time.

"I wanted to help others make life truly grand rather than just fix a problem"

Around about 1979, while vacationing in the midwest, I ran into one of my former college buddies, a gentleman with whom I had spent a great deal of time arguing philosophy with. He told me about a book he had read; and he was so excited, I ran out and got myself a copy. It was 'Frogs into Princes.' The book immediately had me intrigued - it had me spell bound!

'Frogs into Princes' was the first NLP book ever written and is a record of marvelous changework with others. The notion that we could actually use our senses with more precision blew me away! I read the book and decided that NLP is what I wanted to do. I immediately sought out others who could help me with that quest. I got my hands on anything and everything having to do with NLP. I began studying, learning, and using NLP and applied it to my work with people. Eventually, I began holding workshops in personal growth and development using and teaching NLP to others.

At the very same time, I was investigating healers, psychics and a variety of mental and spiritual disciplines. I spent time with great thinkers like Krishnamirti, Ram Dass, Tim Leary, Joseph Chilton Pearce, John Lily, Rajneesh, Muktananda, Satychadananda and many others. I started a meditation and personal development center around 1983 applying principles I had been learning to self discovery, meditation and living ecstatically. I continued to integrate all of these with my new found love for NLP.

By 1986, I decided I wanted to devote myself full time to training NLP. I wanted to help others make life truly grand rather than fix a problem. I changed my entire focus and began offering more public programs all the while continuing to develop and learn as much as I could about how humans make personal transformation. I began studying accelerated learning methods and integrating them into my seminars and workshops. I traveled around a lot doing public NLP programs as well as working with other NLP trainers in their training programs.

I have developed a training method combining all of my knowledge of brain based learning methods and accelerated learning and it has been a fabulous success! When I watch my students grow and develop it's the greatest feeling in the world.

I have been blessed that I have spent my life around great people in the arts, sciences, business, and religions - I have learned from all of them and modeled them. They are indeed a part of me. When people tell me that I'm a great trainer, I tell them it's because I've stood on the shoulders of giants."