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Renee Piane
OK, here it is. Renee has been well-known worldwide as an expert dating coach and style consultant for over fifteen years now--and she knows her stuff. This means that she has all the experience you need when is comes to figuring out how to reinvent your own personal style in a way that's going to literally mesmerize women into taking notice of you. As a specialist with an unusually wide scope of talent as a trainer of social skills, Renee helps crack the code for you as it pertains to what you should wear and how to wear it, how exactly to outfit your home or apartment and--importantly--how to gain a firm grasp of exactly what your style and habits say to women about the kind of man you are. I recently made friends with Renee and I can say that apart from being friendly and engaging, she is indeed another one of those rare and exceedingly valuable women in the dating advice realm who absolutely, positively wants men to win. Rest assured I made fantastic use of this opportunity to visit with her.