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Randy's Biography

Before Real Social Dynamics acquired the Project Hollywood Mansion, Randy attended a free seminar by Tyler and Twentysix, and applied to become one of two interns for Real Social Dynamics; Randy then worked for Real Social Dynamics as an instructor, business manager, and a member of the Project Hollywood Mansion.

While traveling around the world with the Real Social Dynamics crew for Live Programs, Randy offers his unique perspectives and advanced insights as a dating coach, fashion expert, and an undergraduate college student studying International Relations.

After intensive training with the Real Social Dynamics Executive Coaches for several months at the Project Hollywood Mansion, Randy took on administrative and trainer roles.

Randy was nominated as the first House Manger for the Project Hollywood Mansion including the duties of limo service management, travel logistics, and accounting for the House Members.

In addition to being the live-in House Manager for the Project Hollywood Mansion, Randy became the Business Manager for Real Social Dynamics; he was in charge of management information systems, production, and event planning for Real Social Dynamics Live Programs.

However, after traveling to Europe and temporarily moving out of the Project Hollywood Mansion, Randy left behind his administrative and management duties and became an Executive Coach.

"I learned so much [at the Los Angeles Bootcamp]. I can't thank you enough. I miss winging with Randy. It's so amazing how he could just open up a conversation with a set of beautiful women and just blow it up, whereas other people would just stall the conversation."

- Jim G. from San Francisco, CA, USA