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Player Supreme's Biography(Photos)

Player Supreme
Player Supreme distances himself from the pick up community yet his advice and opinions often mirror it. At times he has a different outlook on things and although sometimes I find myself disagreeing with him, I find him interesting and thought provoking. Player Supreme isn't scared to give his opinion. You also won't hear him talking in an effeminate voice.

The Player Supreme is the author of "Player Supreme Dating Advice Show".

Player Supreme is often very intense and explicit which may take a bit of getting used to as a listener. When I started out on my journey I couldn't take him. I have learned to accept and appreciate his unorthodox methods of teaching betterment with women.

Player Supreme have been in this game since the 70's. He is 48 years old. He have been a pimp and a mack (gets money from women). He have been a player also. Not a playboy because most PUA's confuse the two. A playboy is a fool who runs around and tries to get laid by different women all the time through taking them out on dates and what not.

A real player has a team of women. His world is about cop and blow. Which means you catch em and eventually they will blow out. The turn around rate is much lower than playboys.

Player Supreme have been around the forums for a long time until he got fed up with the stupidity on most of them and started his own thing.

He was banned from a sosymp (sosuave) because of his outspoken ideas on how a man should be.