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Oliver Turner's Biography(Books)

Oliver Turner
Every once in a while someone bursts on the scene whose star just seems to be rising faster than others. Oliver Turner (aka Grungey 10) is one of those guys. Yeah, he's super cool and has an unquestionably authentic desire to help guys like you and me succeed with women. That's all good. But it's Oliver's specialty that truly sets him apart. You see, there is absolutely nobody on this planet who is more immersed in daytime pickup strategy than he is. As you well know, this is one of my favorite topics as well. And why not? Simply put, there is no better place to find and meet great women than...well...anywhere else but a bar or club. So as you would expect, this audio program turned out to be one of the most content-rich experiences ever packed into an hour of my schedule. Oliver and I hash out so many utterly visionary possibilities for how to meet great women that my head was left spinning. Once you hear what is on tap here, your mindset very well could be revolutionized such that you may never set foot in a club ever again. As a special bonus, Oliver has left a special report on my server detailing itemized 25-day plan of action--just for VIRTUOSITY members.