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Nick Sparks's Biography(Photos)

Nick Sparks
Nick Sparks PUA is a pickup guru who went to college at the University of Michigan and now lives in Chicago.
Nick Sparks PUA teaches Sparks of Attraction PUA boot camps for Christian Hudson's The Social Man company.
There is also a free college masters audio interview with Nick Sparks PUA that comes with the popular Conquer Your Campus ebook.

Nick Sparks has been a confirmed speaker since the fall of 2008, and both have been incredibly helpful with promoting this year's convention through their company, The Social Man- which IMHO, is one of the most professionally run businesses in the industry.

"It was truly a surreal experience the way Nick Sparks was effortlessly able to start a conversation with an attractive girl on the street, and get her laughing and smiling immediately. I almost didn't believe what I was seeing right before my eyes, but after he instructed us and we got the exact same reactions, I became a believer. I can now go up to any girl I see whether I'm in a bar or walking down the street and get her laughing immediately. Just one week after the bootcamp my friends and family kept coming up to me after seeing the reactions I was getting from girls (attractive ones) and were like 'what did you say to that girl?' I really couldn't recommend this bootcamp enough, and it really exceeded my expectations in every possible way. And on top of that Nick is an extremely chill guy with a good sense of humor and you can tell he truly loves what he does."
Justin, Los Angeles