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Nash Casten's Biography(Photos)

Nash Casten
Nash Casten A.K.A. Angel Vicious. After starting with the Natural Vibe Bootcamps in Germany he is now one of two instructors for TDD in Europe. TDD is different to most Dating, Pickup or Seduction companies as they believe in confronting their clients with reality rather than fluff talking them to make them feel good - short: they teach a RESULTS-ORIENTED approach on Attaining your Desired Dating and Social Life.

Nash started with the whole social psychology, dating and communication thing at the end of 2005 with the goal to master these skills. Being an instructor for over 1.5 years, he was doing talks on events, coaching on communication skills, on styling & fashion and obviously dating. During this time he started to do these coachings on an international level as well (Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, The Philippines). He was able to help most of his clients to achieve the lifestyle they wanted and to reach their social goals in life.