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Mr M's Biography(Photos)

Mr M
Mr. M is the lead Love Systems instructor for the UK and Europe. He is an internationally renowned figure in the dating industry and is ranked in the Top 10 pickup artists in the world by TSB Magazine.

He is widely recognized as a genius in the field of dating science and social dynamics, pioneering such breakthroughs as Social Circle Mastery and the Inner Game Seminar. He is also the founder and lead instructor of the international dating industry's premier lifestyle and pick up program: Project Rockstar.

Mr. M is notorious for picking up and dating only the most beautiful and glamorous women in the UK and Europe. He is one of the only dating coaches in the industry to have successfully seduced celebrities and a Playboy Playmate.

However, Mr. M was not always the charismatic playboy that he is today and is living proof that excellence with women is something that you can learn.

"...He day gamed a f*cking 12..."

Mr. M has quite possibly the best game I've ever seen in person... Mr. M is f*cking unreal. He handles 10s with fucking ease! I hope I get to spend more time with him, because we really hit it off and his game is on another level.

He day gamed a f*cking 12 and he and I met up with the 12 and her hot friend for a second date after the second night of the boot camp. This woman was f*cking unreal hot, guys! Your fearless leader was impressed

- Braddock


"Mr. M accomplished something absolutely amazing during the course of the bootcamp. MR. M SUCCESSFULLY PICKED UP AN ACTUAL PLAYBOY MODEL and SPENT THE NIGHT IN HER HOTEL ROOM."

- Kisser

"...told him [Mr M] to more or less f*ck off..."

"I know it sounds cliche, but I just came from 3 days that completely changed my life... What was amazing was that some of the sets actually told him [Mr M] to more or less f*ck off, but he persisted, and in the end, he actually ended up making out with a few of them.

I personally was extremely impressed to see Mr M, a 5'6" Asian dude (though he is jacked), making out with hot blondes using a direct approach. Oh and you guys need to see Mr M in the field, truly amazing, truly amazing. These are normal dudes who evolved into guys with unbelievable skills."

varick212 (Zurich Bootcamp led by Mr M)