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Mike Bloomberg's Biography

Mike Bloomberg
Have you ever been fortunate enough to experience a woman's glow in her eye as she pronounces you "amazing"? Meet Mike Bloomberg. He might not be the mayor of New York City, but his job is even more important as far as you are concerned. You see, Mike specializes in helping men all over the world literally overwhelm the women in their lives with romantic skill and passionate energy. He has helped guys plan elaborate marriage proposals, outrageously creative anniversary surprises and countless other experiences where overwhelming a woman with joy and romantic passion was a mandated imperative. And now he's going to share his secrets with you. And rest assured--he does not disappoint. Think "romance" is a word that is not in your vocabulary? It's time to rethink that. Learn how to create genuinely romantic moments in a woman's life and unleash the kind of passionate response from her that you only thought happened in the movies. Fair warning: Mike Bloomberg is bad to the bone. And this discussion will rock your world.