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Matthew Hussey's Biography(Photos)

Matthew Hussey
Real Name: Matthew Hussey Affiliation: PUA Training, Personal Confidence Coach Website:

Matthew Hussey is a relationship and lifestyle development coach from London, with ties to the seduction community.

Matthew Hussey, "Matt" for short started appearing in PUA Training's boot camps and the Stealth Attraction DVDs as the resident confidence coach. Matthew is an expert in developing the confidence prior to his seduction community experience. He coaches corporate executives, royalty and anyone looking to accelerate their success in life.

His overall philosophy is that confidence affects all areas of our lives: wealth, women, general well being. His talks at PUA Training are described as inspiring, yet grounded in applicable ideas.

Matthew Hussey Quotes

WRITE THIS DOWN. Ordinary effort done consistently over time produce extraordinary results. Allow me to repeat that. ORDINARY effort done CONSISTENTLY over time PRODUCE. EXTRAORDINARY. RESULTS.

Have a statement that represents you, something you stick to no matter what i.e. "No matter what comes I never give up". Whats your line?