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Matt Furey's Biography

Matt Furey
Matt Furey is a best-selling health and fitness author, as well as a world-class marketer. His daily e-mails at are must-reads. Furey began studying various martial arts in 1990 and immediately saw the physical, mental and philosophical links these arts had with wrestling. This lead to the publication of his first book and videos in 1996, entitled, The Martial Art of Wrestling.

In 2002, Grappling magazine dubbed Furey, "The King of Catch Wrestling" - and in the book Grappling Masters, Furey is one of 22 elite world class grapplers who are interviewed and featured.

In addition to The Martial Art of Wrestling and the international best-selling Combat Conditioning, Furey's other best-selling books include Combat Abs and No B.S. Fitness. Furey also has several best-selling courses, including: Combat Stretching, Gama Fitness, Magnetic Mind Power, and Farmer Burns Catch Wrestling Video Course.