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Matador's Biography(Photos)

Real Name: Stan Tayi Affiliation: Venusian Arts Website:

James Matador, a.k.a Matador, co-star of VH1's The Pickup Artist, is a master pickup artist and one of the founding partners of the Venusian Arts. In addition, Matador is also an actor, an accomplished businessman, a national-champion martial artist, amateur bodybuilder, and avid reader.

Matador, who recently spoke at Yale University on social dynamics and dating, is Mystery's long-time wing and together they have taught live seminars all over the world. Considered one the best pick-up artists in the world, Matador has used his finely-tuned expression of the venusian arts to create relationships with women of high quality, including models, actresses, and celebrities.

Matador became famous in 2007 with the airing of VH1?s The Pickup Artist. Prior to this, he has a very interesting history.

As a minority (Indian) he graduated from Depaul University majoring in Computer Science. He worked in technology and management consulting. Finding success in the business world, he also went on to become a competitive martial artist and body builder. However, despite all this, he still had no success with women. He decided to do something about this and came across the seduction community in 1999. He has since become a major player in the game and founded Venusian arts with fellow PUAs Lovedrop and Mystery.

Matador has appeared most recently on The Jon Stewart Show and Fox and Friends, and has received coverage from CNN, The New York Times, and

Introduction & Overview

Many of us just don't do as well with women as we would like to, or perhaps we don't get any play at all, but many of us are hard pressed to admit to that. We try to play it off, but we're always trying to figure out what we're doing wrong, and asking ourselves why the other guy got the phone number, the date or is having more sex than we are. In many ways, this is the ultimate head trip that goes around and around, with little, or no, resolution.

However, we have reviewed many products and some offer hope. What's cool is, we now have access to the actual seduction scene, which prior to the emergence of Neil Strauss' book, The Game, was a secret society that only a few men knew about, whose mission was to help themselves and other guys hook up with women more effectively. This scene has now become a cultural phenomenon, which inspired the creation of The Game on Documentary, a video upgrade that is a much faster entry into this scene than the book was.

One of the main players on the seduction scene is Matador, who has been featured in movies, videos and TV shows. In fact, he has become a heavily sought out trainer in this arena. Part of his appeal is that he knows what it feels like to go from zero to a hundred when it comes to meeting, attracting, dating and seducing women. He was once the guy who couldn't get any play, no matter how much he tried, but now he has an amazing ability to pull the women he wants into his orbit.

We feel Matador has truly created his own method, called Matador Mayhem, to support guys in getting their sex lives up and running, in terms of meeting, dating and seducing women. Let's take a more in-depth look at Matador Mayhem to see exactly who Matador is and how his system works.

Who He Is

For one, we found Matador to be an awesome guy, but once upon a time, after growing up in a rather "strict, conservative environment", he was firmly entrenched in what he calls his "conservative businessman character". He might have stayed there if he hadn't met up with Mystery, another major player on the PUA scene. After this meeting, and during his training with Mystery, he developed a style that is all his own, which many women have described as "playful-yet-forceful, heartbreaking-yet-hopelessly romantic", which has helped him hook up with countless women. Much of this has been documented on his TV show, The Pick Up Artist on VH-1, as well as on Youtube, MySpace and his website. In the past, he's often been referred to as Mystery's "wingman", but some think it is even a case of the student surpassing the master.


Matador is definitely not a clone of his mentor, Mystery; he has developed his own approach, and has been credited with having an amazing teaching style, which allows his students to get in touch with their inner "PUA". The Matador Mayhem Technique consists of a series of exercises and techniques which allow people to actually do what many of us have only dreamed about - walk into any club, bar or restaurant and have the confidence or "game" to be able to chat up any group of women, as well as pick the women you want, and use your "Matador character" to get the date, hook up or just have sex.

In the Matador Mayhem training sessions, he breaks his techniques down step-by-step, showing his students how to make physical touch a normal and natural part of all their social interactions, without setting off warning bells or putting out that "creepy" vibe. What's interesting about the way he teaches this technique is that he shows his students how to make their touch a reward for the woman, instead of it being the other way around. He also teaches how touch can be sexually charged, yet unobtrusive, in order to set the stage for sexual escalation later on.

Matador has created an intense and full system in which he also teaches his students the refinement and nuances of seduction. People report that they learn how to interact with entire groups of people with confidence; respect boundaries, but also push the envelope; make bold, yet socially in sync moves; and be "unafraid to give their partner what they really want".

Sexual Lifestyle

The pick up artist concept is fairly simple in theory, but there are many posers out there who set themselves up as the real thing, but they really have no "game", which results in a waste of time and money, and perhaps a bit of humiliation. However, we feel Matador's system is the real thing, backed up by testimonials and reviews, as well as his performance on his TV show. His website and his other online resources really give visitors a well rounded view of his system, as well as providing some free tips to use right away.

Time after time, his students report that they have achieved real results - in terms of getting the girl or girls that they wanted, as well as having increased their ability to be confident and commanding in any social situation. For instance, one of the boot camp members likened "Matador Mayhem to the cure to a social suffering... a cure that everyone in the room was secretly waiting for, but never dared to ask".


o Students get personal attention in boot camp
o Matador gives his students access to online tools, books and videos
o Personal online support


o The boot camp model may not be for everyone, but there are also other online and video options available
o Boot camp and workshops are available on a limited basis

Final Thoughts

The Game on DVD helped bring the pick up scene into our living rooms and bedrooms, giving many of us hope that we could make our fantasy sex and romantic life a reality. With this system, Matador has taken the PUA scene to a much higher standard, by giving men easy to implement tools and techniques to make them feel more confident and be extremely successful with the ladies.

This is confirmed by the popularity of his boot camp-like seminars, which take place around the country and the world, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, Sydney, Germany, Melbourne and Dallas. These seminars give men an opportunity to learn from him directly.

We've reviewed many different PUA systems and techniques, some of which are far more effective than others, and frankly, we are convinced that men who attend the Matador Mayhem Boot Camp will learn how to use his techniques effectively so they will release their inner PUA, in order to meet, attract and seduce the women they want, when they want. For the those among us who desire to get a more in-depth look at the PUA or seduction scene, there are some really good resources and documentaries readily available to get started.

Matador Quotes

I'm not in the holding business, man When you master these skills, you WILL feel like you have super powers. You will begin to see the world in a different set of lens. And you will no longer wish to go back to the life you used to have...