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Love Systems's Biography(Books)

Love Systems
The Love Systems is a company that offers workshops for men on how to approach, attract and relate to women. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 2004 as Mystery Method Corporation and renamed Love Systems in 2007.

Founded in 2004 by Nick Savoy and Mystery (Erik von Markovik), the Love Systems (then known as Mystery Method Corporation) was the first company to offer practical training in seduction, in the form of a workshop where men are trained in the art of approaching women in bars and nightclubs using routines. - phrases and decorated stories designed in order to advance the interaction Some examples of routines are 1) the "Openers" phrases used to approach a woman or a group of people and aimed at start the interaction of an original or interesting way; 2) stories that create certain emotional states and 3) "seduction routines," to reduce the sexual stamina of a woman.

In 2007, Mystery (Erik von Markovik) broke away from Mystery Method Corporation and the company changed its name to Love Systems.

Nick Savoy, president and director, and Love Systems instructors team continue organizing workshops and lectures around the world, developing the technology of "science of relationships" and helping men improve their love lives. Based in Los Angeles the company has instructors located throughout the world.

In 2010, Love Systems Brazil began its operation, launching the first site of the Love Systems in Portuguese.

In 2008 the workshop of Love Systems appeared in a US television Fox News chain report. Psychologist Mike Botwin opined that the communication techniques taught by Love Systems are based on scientific principles of evolutionary biology.

In the "Dr. Phil" program, Love Systems was initially criticized for teaching men to attract and seduce women, but Dr. Phil himself concluded with an overall positive image of the methods used. In his own words: "You are giving men the" tools "necessary to meet women." He also compared the Love Systems method to the use of push-up bras and makeup for women.

Several instructors Love Systems appeared on Canadian TV program "Keys to the VIP", structured as a competition between two men trying to complete challenges related to the achievement of women in a ballad (some typical missions of this program is to get the phone or a kiss from a girl). Instructors of Love Systems Cajun, Biscuit and Sphinx appeared on the program.

In 2009, Nick Savoy and instructor Love Systems Nick Braddock were guests on "The Tyra Banks Show." The presenter Tyra Banks showed curious about the methods used and eventually concluded that they are legitimate.

The Love Systems offers a workshop (in English, "bootcamp") of three days, from Friday to Sunday, where men receive instruction in order to develop their ability to communicate with women and their love lives. During a total of 23 hours (theoretical session of 5 hours per day + practical sessions of four hours on Friday and Saturday), the instructors of Love Systems teach students to become more attractive and successful in their approaches. The teachings include female psychology and body language. Other specialized courses teach men how to meet women during the day or how to get women into bed the first night. Thousands of men have made the workshop of Love Systems, which has been taught in more than 13 countries and 35 cities.

Each year, the Love Systems organizes the Super Conference (Super Conference) where both instructors Love Systems as other renowned seduction instructors from around the world gather to share, discuss and teach men to meet, attract and relate to women.

The Love Systems has dozens of instructors scattered around the world. Most had little success with women to discover the techniques of Love Systems. Typically, instructors make the workshop of Love Systems and then spend time honing your skills before joining the team. The Love Systems instructors are often cited among the greatest in the world of seduction masters and some are true celebrities in the seduction community. Some of the most popular instructors are:

- Nick Savoy
- Jeremy Soul
- Cajun
- The Don
- Braddock

Love Systems partial products list:

- The Venusian Arts Handbook (2005). The Mystery Method.
- The Mystery Method: How to get beautiful women to bed (2005). Mystery, Lovedrop. St. Martin's Press.
- Mystery Video Archive Encyclopedia 5-DVD Set (2006). The Mystery Method.
- Magic Bullets - Magic Formula (2007). Nick Savoy.
- The Routines Manual of Love Systems (2008). Nick Savoy and The Don.
- The Routines Manual of Love Systems - Volume 2 (2009).
- The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game (The Game of the Supreme Guide Phone and Text Messaging). Braddock and Mr M.
- Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone (Day Game: Never sleep alone) (2010). Jeremy Soul.
- The Love Systems Interview Series
- Relationship Management, Featuring Nick Savoy

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